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  1. Red Elvis

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    Afternoon all !

    Real name is Phil , I'm 35 and live and work in Central London where I am a senior nurse in a cardiac hospital.

    Been involved with bands for years and years , originally with the SA and for the last year or so playing baritone with Becontree Brass after a few years of not playing.

    When I'm not working or playing I am into rugby ( prefer league , but watching / playing union down here , come on the Harlequins !!!) , football (Leeds Utd and Leyton Orient ) , lefty politics and beer. Oh yes , beer mmmmmm. In fact most of my time I spend with beer!!

    Also a big fan of the King , Mr Elvis Aaron Presley , on whom I am currently basing my waisltline on ( think 76 Vegas Elvis , not 68 jumpsuit version!!).

    Spend way too much time on tmp when I should be working but have made some good friends around the place through it.Joined just over a year ago.
  2. DublinBass

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    ...and if you're ever in the London City Centre...Phil is quite friendly and willing to meet you at the King & Queens just North of Oxford Street.

    Really a nice guy!! (Sorry we didn't get to pop by one more time before we left :( )
  3. TheMusicMan

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    Hey Pat, are you back in the US now then...?
  4. Straightmute

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    I discovered at a recent pub quiz that Elvis was one of a surprisingly large number of famous people to die in the bathroom. It just amused me that 'The King' should pass away seated on the throne. Sorry.