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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bbg, Mar 7, 2007.

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    After many months reading and enjoying the "banter" on tMP, have finally got round to registering! I'm what may be called an "experienced" bandsman - that is to say the combined ages of the rest of the back row cornets has been known to total less than my age (of course we have a very young back row at times...)
    Got involved in active banding again in '01 after a long break, followed my son into our current band where he came up through the Youth Band and is now principal concussionist/shed builder. Played horn all my career until askd to help out on lower cornet when I joined up again, 5 years later I've "progressed " from 3rd to 2nd in the contest band with occasional scary excursions to higher bits at various Christmas / summer jobs.
    Working hard for this Saturday's "Scottish", feel that "Prelude" is a fair 3rd Section test so here's hoping for a good result.
  2. TheMusicMan

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    :hi to you bbg - glad that you decided to take the plunge and make your first post.

    Don't forget - this now also means you are able to take part in the tMP Regional Prediction competition. Take a look at the link in the top navbar... it's great fun.
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    Hello there, and good luck at the weekend.

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    Well......... hello there BBG [Brass Band Geek i belive!?] Sop Star here!!three guesses who i am!! hehe this is the first time i have been logged on in a year! :(

    WB to me people! if i know you or not!
  5. bbg

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    Good evening Mr Strong -

    posting at lunchtime when you should be revising for exams / practising your sop ready for Forfar next Saturday??
  6. sop star

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    oh i know brian - but no teacher..... my one free period a week! im havin an early luch if ya like!

    hows it goin anyway? whats new mr geek in the BB world??