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    My name is Jacob Larsen :) I was born in 1976 in a small town in Denmark, Hjørring. Started playing cornet at the age of 8 at the local music school. I started in the musicschool brass band in 1989 which at that time was conducted by Gunnar La Cour and the late Herbert Møller. In 1996 I became musical director of another local band in Hjørring - KFUM-spejdernes Brass Band (I was 18), and in 2½ years I won three contests with the band.
    In year 2000 I started at the Royal Academy of Music in Århus with trumpet as main instrument and conducting as second subject. When I started at the Academy I began playing the sop. Eb cornet with Århus Brass Band (Danish Champion Band at that time). In 2002 I was appointed musical director of The Silkeborg Blæserne Brass Band and we became 2nd at the Nationals (my first attempt at the Danish Nationals in Champ. section).
    At the National contest in 2003 we played Bourgeois´ Concerto Grosso and came 2nd to Lyngby Tårbæk Brass Band, who came 5th in the Europeans 2004.. In 2005 I returned to ÅBB as a conductor in January 2005.

    I would like to give an offer to who ever reads this: I will come and conduct your for free at contests. The only thing you should do, pay my travels, give me food and a bed.The reason for this crazy offer is that I simply just love the sound of a brass band, and I would like to come to the UK to learn more about your contests and tradition in banding.

    Largeer pieces I have conducted at concerts & contests:
    Cambridge Variation, Concerto Grosso, Contest Music, Tallis Variations, Journey To The Centre of The Earth, London Overture, Essence of Time, Festival Music, Resurgam, My Strenght - My Tower, Firestorm, Blitz ect...

    If this interests you please feel free to contact me. Mp3´s of my contest performing can be obtained by request.


    Jacob Larsen
    Augustenborggade 15 st.th., 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark, Tel: +45 51 22 93 55
    Email [​IMG]mail@jacoblarsen.eu
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    Hi Jacob and a big welcome to tMP. :)

    You've made a very generous offer and I hope someone takes you up on that. Feel free to ask questions on the forum about the British contesting scene. Folks will be only to happy to answer.
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    Well thanks :) I know a lot about how the contests works ect, but I would like to come to the conpetitions and feel the atmosphere from a band view ect... I have been to Nationals in 1998 and im coming this year :) I have played in the europeans twice 1995 & 2000.. Conducted Silkeborg Blæerne BB at the Brighouse March & Hymn Contest 2004 (8th place cham.) and the Diggle Band Club March & Hymn contest 2004 (4th place)... And I loved it...

    But I would love to go to the regionals, All England, Open ect..
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    Ah, in that case, get yourself across to delightful Blackpool for the Spring Festival on 13th May. Three contests, all in one day, under one roof. You should feel right at home! :)
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