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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by six pints, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. six pints

    six pints Active Member

    MWOW CAPS LOCKS!"!! ok th3yre b gone. do mits frechers week AND me me being sa FRWSHER REO I LED BY EXAPME me thing dskds dnecing botllyen of red wintew nowewt goodasx. so emwa be piched. mif aneasine fancys bgood night in durham om opkm pmm pm mea nad all get to thee amd oyiu cann stayb at m e hoosre. m sorrey for knciherexdnce, bre s byurwsd .!!
  2. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    My advice is to drink a couple of pints of water and go to sleep ;)
  3. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    ...it's easy for you to say that...

  4. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    Just when I thought I was begining to understand the accents and dialects over here ?! :-? ;)
  5. manx_yessir

    manx_yessir Member

    Me thinks six pints has actually had twelve pints.....
  6. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Using my native Drunken South Northumberlandish, I can offer a rough translation due to the fact that Drunken South Northumberlandish is not too disimilar to Cheryl's Drunken South East Northumberlandish. I can reveal that Cheryl was in fact trying to say something along the lines of....

    "Hello all, I am now back at uni in Durham and once again have internet access. The weather is lovely here in Neville's Cross and I am taking full advantage of Freshers Week. It just so happens that I've drank a bottle of red wine (or 4?). If anyone wants to come out for a night in beautiful Durham, savouring the delights of the Shakey, Rahsity and the Swan and 3 PM me and you can all stay at my house."

    I should really consult Andy_Euph on this because him being a true South East Northumberlander could result in a more accurate translation.
  7. ScrapingtheBottom

    ScrapingtheBottom Active Member

    I thought it was welsh...
  8. Keppler

    Keppler Moderator Staff Member

    wow - I'm impressed Colin...

    I vote that we all exctract large amounts of michael from Cheryl for that classic post..

    well done there!
  9. Andy_Euph

    Andy_Euph Active Member

    Oh dear Chezza, acting like a true ashington charva, :shock: ..........................

    I'm proud of you really! :-D
  10. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    ...are you doing an English degree by any chance??? ;)
  11. Big Twigge

    Big Twigge Active Member

    Nice to see that other people are investiging their student loans as well as me!
  12. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    Where's Mr. Woodenflugel gone? The dinner dance problem is solved - we can have it near six pints' house and all stay over! :-D
  13. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Aye, she's puwerly belta like, haaar, lend us ten pence marra, ha'way, let wuh gan doon the hirst like!!
  14. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    ooo soooo glad I've managed to avoid any posts like this so far... then again, freshers ball tomorrow night...

    Well done Cheryl!!!!!!!!!!
  15. six pints

    six pints Active Member

    oh my god i actually dont even remember coming on here!!! it was drinking up time so had to neck 2/3rds of a bottle of red wine, as well as drinking power shandies all night. ive been doing a great job of looking after the freshers, honestly!!
  16. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    Haven't heard any drunken ramblings coming from up north lately...is 6 pints okay?
  17. Andy_Euph

    Andy_Euph Active Member

    Yeah I aint heard from Chezza for a bit (mind i've only jsut got internet at uni) but I did see her over easter as I passed her in M&S in newcastle, but didn't have time to chat as we were both in a rush. So at least we know she's still alive!

    She's probably been too drunk to find the computer never mind post! :D
  18. becks164

    becks164 Member

    i actually thought it was welsh!!! but hey if six pints can do that to you im dreading drinking seven lol, even though im not a pint drinking :)
  19. Andy_Euph

    Andy_Euph Active Member

    Cheryl is actually a south east northumberlander like myself and when she says six that probably means 16!...Ashington and Newbiggin kids learn to handle there drink with intensive training involving white lightening and street walls from a young age :biggrin:
  20. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Frosty Jacks, whyaye!! Apparently Cheryl is alive and well and was spotted in Wetherspoons near Newcastle Central Station about 3 weeks ago. She doesn't have t'internet at home which explains her absence over the Easter period. I believe Durham Uni have started the Spring Semester (although Durham seem to spend more time on holiday than at uni, I'm sure their semesters only last 3 days) so she should be back in contact soon methinks.

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