Hi-de-Hi! Kippax are Camp Kings!

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    Following on from January's success at Butlins in the Mineworkers National Championship, The Kippax Band were today crowned 2nd Section champions at the prestigious Pontins Championships, making them undisputed masters of the Holiday Camps! Playing Darrol Barry's "A Swiss Excursion" the band delivered a controlled and almost understated performance which found favour with Roy Roe and Barry Thompson in the box. Conductor Keith Wardle had had to work hard over the past few weeks to convince the band to play in the restrained style he believed the adjudicators would be after, but it all paid off on the day, leaving the band with two major titles in 2006.
    A "lap of honour" performance will no doubt take place in the band club next Sunday night!
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    Congratulations to you all at Kippax.
    An excellent and well deserved result.
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    Well done to Keith and all at Kippax for a great result, but it is a bit much to send Mrs.M home in that state twice in one year!!!!!