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  1. csband_webmaster

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    My name is Michael Caddy
    I am a student at Redruth School in Cornwall and I am 14 yrs old in Year 9.
    When I joined Constantine Band I asked if I could do their website, so here I am doing their website. LOL
    I spend quite alot of my time on my computer developing the website
    The address is http://www.constantineband.co.nr
    and the forum is located at
    http://www.consantineband.co.nr/csbandbb No Longer there

    We have changed the CMS and it now includes a forum which is located at

    Please contact me at csband_webmaster@yahoo.co.uk
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  2. Di

    Di Active Member

    Hi there and :hi to tMP. ;)
  3. csband_webmaster

    csband_webmaster New Member

    Feedback Please

    Can some one please give me feedback on if they think our site is good and some of the features are good because I would like to know what people think of the site and which bits they think are good and which bits they think are not so good
  4. Charmed

    Charmed Active Member

    Well, after a quick look, it looks pretty interesting. However, why do you have to be a member to view the calender/Engagements? This may put a few off. When browsing, guests like to be able to view engagements to see if there is anything they may be interested in attending, but I can't see many bothering to become a member just to find out this information. And I would have thought you would want to advertise your engagement list.

    By the way, it says you have to be a 'mamber' to view.

    Other than that, it looks pretty interesting. :tup
  5. Di

    Di Active Member

    You've obviously done a lot of work on the site recently, but the one thing that sticks out for me is that is appears painstakingly slow. :( I've also tried to have a look around, including trying to look at the engagement list, and it tells me I have to be a "mamber" to view this page. By all means have an area where you can share private information with your band members, ie, travel/meeting arrangements etc, but personally, I would prefer to be able to find out as much as possible about a band from a website without having to register.

    Hope you find this constructive.
  6. csband_webmaster

    csband_webmaster New Member

    Thanks I never thought of it like that. I have now changed this and now open for all to view.

    I do not know why this is. I will have to look into it. Thanks for pointing this out.

    I still want to here from more people as this has been very helpful so far.
  7. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    I was able to view the full events calendar by clicking on the "Click here" at the bottom of the calendar.

    Couple of spelling mistakes grate a little with me: "catergories", for example, and "flugal horn" in the members' list. Also, I don't particularly like having to click again to see the full members list, and the same with a few of the other categories, whilst clikcing on "News" you expect to see what's happening with the band, rather than a list of categories. The colour scheme is a little dull on my laptop, but this may not be a problem on larger monitors.

    Certainly showing promise, but a little way to go yet I think.
  8. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Why not try a version with a template for pda's?. I am on mine now and cant easily view the site!
  9. csband_webmaster

    csband_webmaster New Member

    The reason why it was slow is because we have had some rearagement of the servers and the cable got knocked so the server kept going offline and not all the things started up straight away. And now they have for a while I belive they will go slow. I will try to speed this up.

    I will try and do this soon.

    I will change this right away and the flugel.

    The News of the band is listed on the page after the main page, the one that says Welcome Guest at the top.
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  10. Di

    Di Active Member

    You're working really hard at this aren't you. Well done, keep it up. :):clap:
  11. csband_webmaster

    csband_webmaster New Member

    Thanks, and I will.

    Any others out there want to comment on our site?
  12. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member


    The first thing I noticed when I viewed just now is that the picture on the home page is a whopping 400K in size. I have created a new image for you that is only 70K in size - which is still way too bog for a home page image. For people with non-fast internet connections, this will take an age to load.

    Perhaps use this one if you want to that is, until I have chance to further reduce it.

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  13. csband_webmaster

    csband_webmaster New Member

    I have changed the picture size and the program I changed it with tells me that with a 56K modem it should take around 30 secs to fully download, if I make it much smaller I lose too much quality
  14. matt_BBb_bass

    matt_BBb_bass Member

    hi Micheal im matt and 15 years old and play for camborne youth! but your wrong basses are the best!

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