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    How are you all doing?
    My name is Jeremy Jones and I'm the musical director of The Gwernaffield Silver Band which is,as most of you suspect,based in the little welsh village of Gwernaffield y waun just 2 miles outside of Mold in North Wales.
    We are in the process of rebuilding after the loss of some key players and conductor in the middle of last year.We have currently 20 players and ,as we are still not quite up to full strength,would gladly welcome any players of any standard to our practice nights.Our band room is the Gwernaffield church hall just off the main road into the village and there is good parking space should anybody be willing to call in.our practice nights are Sunday 7.30 - 9.30pm and Wednesday 7.30 - 9.30pm.I wont bore you by writing directions but instead will point you to Google Earth which will help you far more accurately than I can. Hope to see you soon!:cool:
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    Welcome to tMP. We hope you find this site has just what you need and none of what you don't.

    Good luck with the rebuilding of your band. :tup
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    Cheers mate.Much appreciated
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    Good morning my dear! Welcome aboard! Sure you'll enjoy the site! :hi
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    Thanks nice to hear from you.where in shropshire are you from again?
    All the best,Jezza
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    Loggerheads nr Mkt Drayton so I don't think we're too far. Can see the Wrekin from my house on a clear day...! Got relatives in Wrexham! Might be able to pop over for a blow with hubby an' the son boy wonder some time... :D
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    :hiwelcome corporal Jones to tmp
    good luck with the rebuilding and remember....................
    don't panic!!