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    Helloo. Im Elizabeth but known to most as Wizz (name ive had since i was born). Ive been playing trombone for 2 years and play solo trom with Easington Colliery Band. Hoping to get my grade 8 done this year but i need to find a teacher that will have me! Still trying to find my way around this, but getting the hang of it. Always up for a laugh, love band weekends away. And thats about it :).
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    Always good to have more boners on the forum. Can never have too many boners!

    Where abouts you from?
  3. StellaJohnson

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    Oh yes we can!!
    Welcome to tmp
    and Happy Christmas
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    Ok, as its Christmas, let's get into the mood - Oh No we can't (have too many boners on tmp that is :wink:) Welcome, it's good on here, not been on that long myself, but you will find plenty of info and interest. Merry Christmas!
  5. steve butler

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    Welcome Wizzy.
    By the way, I'd advise against posting on here to request teachers to have you! There are some weird teacher types on this forum!
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    Yes....yes there are....welcome wizzy
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    :hi Wizzy!

    Grade 8 after only two years is pretty good going! Good luck with your search - I'd suggest starting another thread in the Rehearsal Room for this request, so it doesn't get lost in your introduction thread.