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    Seeing as i've been active of these last few days rather than a passive reader ill do an intro.

    Age 48 I started playing Euph. when I was 13 at Royton + Crompton school but gave up when I left as id only played with the school band and had found other interests (because of my banding innocence I didnt associate brass with beer and the other pursuit I was engaged in at the time!!)

    Many moons later, I was involved helping Rochdale Youth as both my sons played (Chris - e flat bass and Martyn - trombone) and it was on one of Eric Landons new year trips to Germany that he "suggested" i should take up an instrument again. I did, and now look where its got me!!!

    Ive been playing Baritone in the training band at Greenfield for last year and half but now its time to move on - i work in internal investigations for "that" goverment Dept which oversees work and pensions, hobbies - i regularly contribute to the furtherance of the cause of micro-breweries, walk/leap up mountains, and listen to ALL kinds of music (yeah Im one of the few mugs who gets up early on the Sunday Morning at Glastonbury Festival to listen to Yeovil Band)

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    Hi there and a belated :hi. to a belated first few posts. ;) We hope you're enjoying being an active member and continue to be so. :)
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    Hi Andy

    Welcome to tMP :clap:
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    hi welcom to tmp im sure you,ll enjoy being an active member

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