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    I play Bb-Tuba in 3 bands: Flora-Bremanger Brass Band (competing in the Norwegian Championship and was number 2 in 4th division this year), Ytre Sogn og Sunnfjord Brass Band (not competing, just concerts and that sort of stuff) and Florø Skoles Musikkorps (have competed in the Norwegian Championship for school bands and is one of the best in 1st division (highest), we have also competed in Nordsjøfestivalen and in the last years we have won all the four prices two times).
    I work as an electrician apprentice. I've been on two chemical tankers, Stolt Island and Stolt Norland. Now I'm installing on the Stolt Groenland that will be finished around christmas.
    In the spare time I like to use the computer, sports and hang out with friends.

    - Kristian
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    Hi Kristian - welcome to tMP! You seem very busy with your 3 bands so hope you have time to use the website! :hi
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    Hello Kristian, Welcome to TMP.
  4. hello kristian how do you find the time to practice with so many bands.
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    Hey Kristian! Good to see you on board! :hi
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    Thanks for wishing me welcome. :)

    dlsedgwick: I get much time to practise, and now its vacation for all the bands. :)
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    Great to see a new member! Hope you get used to the site soon.

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