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  1. Grunsell

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    hey (im a guy btw)
    iv been playing the euph now for about 9 years and have played in alot of bands. mostly second and forth section but still it was good practice.
    im currently doing my As levels at Barrow 6th form college (music,physics,chemistry and maths) i have been in the NCBBGB and was started on the Euph by Askam town siver band which fell to pieces and since then i have played in over 10 bands due to being previously being at a boarding school. i now play Euph for Barrow Shipyard Brass band :) and its great. and thats about it oh and my favourite pieces to play atm are
    Grandfathers clock and Softly as I Leave you (the duet version)

    Liam Grunsell
  2. emziesonic

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    Welcome to TMP!:hi

    Hope you enjoy.
    If you have any questions, just ask and I'm sure someone
    will be willing to help!
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  3. Di

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    Hi Liam and :hi to tMP.

    You've certainly had a busy career so far, and long may it continue. We look forward to seeing more of you about the forum. :tup
  4. Grunsell

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    thanks very much can i ask
    how do you post new posts ? or do i have to be admin to do that ??
  5. Mesmerist

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    Hello Grunsell

    Try choosing your forum, go on to it and then you will see a box saying New thread on the top left handside. Click on it and away you go. Look forward to reading your thoughts. XXX
  6. Gaz W

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    Hi Liam, see you in the bar next sunday!
  7. Grunsell

    Grunsell New Member

    OMG i didnt know you were on this ! lol
    aye cant wait for sunday :sup but sad thing is we dont really have the players to win or even beat dearham coz our 2nd trombones got pneumonia
    we have a grand total of 7 cornets if were lucky and only 3 basses
    and 2 percussionists so were having to leave the xylphone part out :(
    should be interestin anyway lol
  8. adrian90s

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    barrow shipyard band

    Hi Grunsell, I spent a few years with the shipyard band during my electrical apprenticeship in the 1970's, Barry Thompson conducting. I hope I've not left too much graffiti on the music during one of my bored moments.

    Adrian Nurney (now with Yorkshire Imps)