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  1. My name viki and iv been playin for about 7 years now. I play euph am currently principal in a yorkshire area 1st section band. Iv always played euph apart from when it was bigger than me coz then i played flugel. Im 16 and am into horses and rock music, animals and playing guitar keyboards and anything else i can find to amuse myself. :D
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    Hi viki, and welcome to tMP :hi

    Youi'll find there's quite a range of people here, from the younger end like yourself up to us old fogeys! Feel free to join in any of the threads that interest you - we want to hear what eveyone has to say - and if there's anything you need to know, just post a question and see the answers come flooding in ;)
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    Hi, i'm a euphonium player too, welcome to tMP!
  4. Just out of interest. What euph do ya play?
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    An old style Besson Sovereign, you?
  6. Sterling Virtuoso, Iv tried the sovereign but i just cannot get on with it. I find it super hard to fill for some strange reason. Maybe because i only hav little lungs hehe! :biggrin:
    Although my friends would argue that"!:tongue:
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    I've never tried one of those, how does it compare?
  8. IN my opinion. Much better! They have a real clarity to their sound and are much more lightweight. The upper register is excellent, and there is fairly few tuning problems apart from the f's which are sharp but most are. Im hooked on them.
  9. hi viki, i know where you live.


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