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    Hi, well I'm Lottie, as you'd probably guessed from my username. My birth certificate states the name Charlotte, and my Baptism name's Lauren. It's a long and complicated story but most people call me Lauren, but my family, meandmycornet and Bunny Boy call me Lottie, call me whichever, I don't complain.

    I was born in Scotland but moved down here when I was 2 weeks old (i'm still trying to figure if that makes me Scottish or not?) I started playing cornet at the age of 9, and have played pretty much every instrument in a band- most of them not so successfully. These days I stick to Cornet, Flugel and horn.

    I also play piano, drums, percussion..... on a good day, guitar and bass guitar. So as you'd probably guessed, I don't do much else other than music.

    Music wise, I like rock and Indie stuff. Best band ever: Oasis!!! Other favourite bands are: Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Free, Iron Maiden, The Who, Wishbone Ash etc etc. I'll listen to pretty much anything though as long as it's half-decent.

    I've just signed for Timperley play Rep there but end up sitting in various seats!Love playing with the band though! they're a top bunch! Wigan Youth and NYBBGB, whilst also depping here and there. My current teacher is Alex Thomas (Ex-YBS and British Open Solo Champ 2004), and my last teacher was Mark Wilkinson (Principal Cornet @ Fodens, registered as Wilky on here) I'm gonna do a drummergurl at this point and plug them both because they're both fab teachers and great blokes!

    I'm in my last year at high school (thank god), then i hope to go to college and study, Music, Music Tech, Product Design and Physchology. Then go to uni and do music. At the end of all that I want to do perapetetic teaching- a career I can't even spell, Great!

    So yup, I think that covers me just about.

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