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    Another tuba album for affectionados to consider is this one from Frank Vantroyen. He was a player with Belgian band Midden Brabant for 20 years and this is his first CD. The album itself is really varied in nature and is accompanied by Festival Brass Band (Juri Briat), the excellent Bone Project (only on one track though :frown: ) and a rythmn section for the jazzier numbers. He plays a variety of tubas but only F and CC with the exception of one track (no.8 ) where he plays muted jazz cimbasso (... that has got to be heard to be believed!).

    Part I - With Festival Brass Band
    1. Capriccio (Erik Mast)
    2. Queen of the Night's Aria (W.A. Mozart, arr. Georges Moreau)
    3. Les Moulins de mon Coeur (M. Legrand, arr. Bart Picqueur)
    4. Largo (from Winter) (A. Vivaldi, arr. Frank Vantroyen)
    5. Tubler’s Holiday (L. Anderson, arr. Bart Picqueur) ...this is actually Bugler's Holiday
    6. Elegie (Ben Haemhouts) (Solo Tuba)
    7. Badinerie (J.S. Bach, arr. Thomas Wyss) (With Trombone Quartet)
    Part II - With Combo (Rythmn Section)
    8. De TuDeKeTu Blues (Michel Pieters)
    9. Air (J.S. Bach, arr. Mark Knuts)
    10. Bluesette (T. Thielemans, arr. Bart Picqueur)
    11. What a Wonderful World (Weiss & Douglas, arr. Bart Picqueur)
    12. Hey, ‘t is Frank! (Michel Pieters)
    13. Children of Sanchez (Chuck Mangione, arr. Frank Vantroyen)
    14. Koraal (Michel Pieters)

    - http://www.frankvantroyen.be/


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