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    Hi everyone! :)

    I'm in the Los Angeles, California area and of course, I'm in my school's marching band. I'm still a freshie, but I joined the forum so I could talk to people who have the same interests as me and also get some advice on my instrument.

    I'm actually a kid who specializes in the woodwind area (more specifically, the bari sax). I've been playing the bari sax ever since 7th grade. However, I do plan on marching DCI in the future on horn. So I thought, why not join a forum about brass and start getting advice, and talk to people there?

    Since I'll have winter break after finals this week, I'm going to borrow a baritone or tuba so I can start learning now. Can anyone tell me the differences of music and playing between the two? I'd rather stay with a brass instrument that's similar to the bari.
  2. PeterBale

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    I'm also a sax player who added brass, albeit some 45 years ago! The main difference you will find concerns pitching: with brass a lot depends on being able to pick out the right notes, rather than relying on a speaker key to change the octave. Having said that, the fingering for brass is quite easy to pick up once you understand the principles.

    As for the music, a lot will depend on which instrument you go for. The tuba is in many ways the closest to baritone sax, but it does tend to get stuck on the bass parts and not get the odd bits of melody that turn up in bari sax parts. A baritone (or euphonium) would give more options in terms of melodic writing, although not knowing the marching band scene well I'm not sure how that works. There are many members here from the US who can probably advise you about this.
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    This may or may not be the forum you're looking for.

    This forum is dedicated almost entirely to British Brass Bands operating in the U.K. There are some participants from other countries, but few. I'm one -- I'm also in California, where I conduct the Pacific Brass Band, based in Salinas, CA. There will be nothing here that relates to your woodwind experience, and very little that's relevant to DCI (Drum Corps International, for non-USA readers who may not be familiar with the term).

    I would recommend that you do some reading about British Brass Bands, and then decide whether this forum will give you the information you're looking for. You might start with the Wikipedia article on British Brass Bands, at:

    British brass band - Wikipedia

    If you're looking in particular for Tuba and Euphonium information, here are two places to look and participate:

    Yahoo! Groups

    TubeNet • Index page (The "TubeNet" forum)

    If you are interested in British-Style Brass Bands, there is one in Ventura and there's one in Las Vegas. There may be others in Southern California, but I don't know offhand where. (By contrast, in England, nearly every town of any size has a Brass Band -- at one time there were more than 10,000 Brass Bands in the U.K.)

    I hope this information helps you find what you're looking for!

    Jim O'Briant
    Gilroy California, USA
    Conductor / Staff Arranger, The Pacific Brass Band
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    In terms of Tuba and Euphonium there is also quite a good forum on the Dave Werden site - Euphonium-Tuba and General Music Forums

    To be fair as mentioned above the majority of traffic on here is around the British Brass Band scene, although plenty of those that post have experience in other fields too. Peter for example has already said he plays the Sax for example. So you may find people can respond from knowledge especially with tuba/euph but also other instruments - one thing to note is we Brits don't generally think of the sax as a brass instrument (even though it is often made of brass) but woodwind, so if you go along with the idea you may or may not get a (sensible) answer on topics outside of the usual British Brass band you wont go far wrong
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    Hell o from CA.

    I'm newbie to the brass game and this forum :)
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    Welcome, and I hope you find your time here interesting.
  7. Sonya Blade

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    Thanks, Peter!
  8. Fettler

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    Welcome, I hope you find this forum helpful despite the determination by some members to disparage the baritone and it's exponents. I'm sure if you have a tollerance for these childish attempts at humour you will pick up some good advice along the way.
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    Hi Sonya, welcome to brass banding. Enjoy making music and making friends that last a lifetime. My wife, Val and I (we both play) due to our work have moved a homes a number of times. Every time we've moved and been able to link up with a band we've instantly had a new group of friends to help us settle in. Enjoy TMP also!!
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    Yes! Hi to everyone! Nice to meet you! my friends! I am a senior student, finishing my studies. I'm very interested in video games and other hobbies coming from this sphere!