Hey guys!

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  1. x..Emma..x

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    Hey guys how ya doin, im new to this so dont really know what to do lol.
    so does anyone on here play in the parr band???
    if u do get in touch
    everyone else write dwn wht u play n how long uve been playing cos i play a euph and ive been playing for about 4 months now and i won a trophy at friday nights awards for best grade 1 performance, well, that and goin mental on j20 and being pushed off ma chair lol
    anyway bored u all enough now
  2. Di

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    Hi Emma and :hi.

    Congrats on the award, well done. :clap:

    If you want to find more members of your band on tMP, use the search facility. Tab on the bar near the top of the page.

    Do "Search"
    Advanced members search
    There will be a box for "band". Type in your band name and those members who have filled that field in will be found.
  3. x..Emma..x

    x..Emma..x Member

    Thank U!! :) :)
  4. FlugelGirl

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    hey emma, well done on the award,

    i play flugel mainly but i started out on cornet and i am about grade 8 standard on both .

    im new aswell, so i dont know wat to do either! we can be clueless together!

  5. Sopha

    Sopha Active Member

    Heya welcome to tMP, Fab news on the award congratulations! :clap: ..
    I don't know if anyone's already told you but on tMP were not to use the so called 'text talk' as older people don't understand it! i used to always use it on here and have been told off many of times! hehe :tongue: .. but i think many of people have been told (sometimes even i make mistakes as i use text talk all the time!) just thought i'd let you know! ;)
    If you want to know anything i'm always here to help and i'm sure any of the moderators and administrators will be happy to answer any of your questions! Just Pm us! .. Glad to see new members!
    Sopha xx
  6. A band player who likes J20! A new friend! Hi!
  7. cornet1991

    cornet1991 New Member

    hey im new here aswell so i dont know wat to do, any wayz wel done on the award i play the trumpet and have been for a while grade 5
    i used to play in england now i play in the meditareanean in a lttle place called malta.
  8. Hey Emma!!

    Congrats on the award, grade 1 after 4 months, thats some achievement:clap:

    I haven't took any grades yet so you're already better than me and I've been playing for 9 years!! lol

    J20?? Is it a band or a road? :dunno

    I play with the great Crofton on solo bari where i've been playing for all of my 9 years (not 1st bari but Crofton!!)

    Jack xx
  9. x..Emma..x

    x..Emma..x Member

    Thanks for all your congratulations and stuff :D
    Just to clear a bit of stuff up, I wasnt actually at grade 1 at the time, i'd been put into that category by the conductor... For some reason...
    Its coming up to 10 months i've been playing now, and i passed my grade 2 with merit at the beginning of december :D
    I've moved onto flugel now, enjoying it a lot more :D
    Its almost time for solo night again now, need to find a solo!
    Oh, and Jack, J20 is a drink, not a band or a road, Hehe. :D

    Emma x

    And P.s, I apologise for my bad grammar on the first post! :D
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  10. Ah J-2-0, why didn't you say so!! As to the solo, Hine Hine is a nice, slow flugel solo I love it, it actually comes with a band arrangement too so there you go!! :biggrin:

    Jack xx
  11. x..Emma..x

    x..Emma..x Member

    Wow, thats weird....
    I already have that solo with the band, and to be honest, i hate it!!
    Its a lovely piece and all, but it bores the hell outta me!
    Its really repetitive and everything...
    Emma x
  12. Oh what?!?!?!

    Its lovely i think but I suppose youre the one playing it:D
    well for a solo theres always danny boy i love that too hehe and Im sure it would sound super on a flugel;) x
  13. x..Emma..x

    x..Emma..x Member

    :sup Are you sure i dont know you?!
    My best friend is doing that on cornet! ( or possibly sop if she gets moved )
    I have like 4 that i've narrowed it down to...
    There is..
    Titanic theme
    Amazing Grace
    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Or i might ask our conductor for a copy of I Dont Know How To Love Him,
    Then the only trouble is, if i do it well, he'll turn it into a solo with the full band...
    I'll decide nearer the time, i've got until april, im sure i'll have changed my mind again by then!

    Emma x
  14. hehe maybe, maybe!!!:biggrin:

    Oh wow, amazing grace thats nice too, well theyre all nice and I do like to hear the Titanic theme tune hmmm, tricky one. Although then again, I don't know how to love him is really lovely and Somewhere over the rainbow is superb. Hmmm, what a pickle!!:dunnohehe

    Im sure that what ever you play it will sound perfect and I know that you're going to win :D x
  15. x..Emma..x

    x..Emma..x Member

    Not entirely sure about that, i have some pretty good competition!
    Emma x
  16. You always think that but you've got to look at your competition and think 'well theyre nothing special, I could play better than them!!'

    Before a solo competition, I practice walking into the room and setting my stand up, laying my music out and then you give a smile to the adjudicator. It may sound silly but it really helps. Now this is the sillier part, my previous tutor Sir Julian Walls told me to stand infront of a mirror and say to yourself 'I am a good player, I can win this competition, I am going to do well' and stuff like that to get your confidence up and that honestly works too.

    Whens the competition?
  17. x..Emma..x

    x..Emma..x Member

    Not entirely sure of the date,
    Sometime towards the end of april,
    so plenty of time yet :D
    I make a fool out of myself often enough, so i'll try that talking to myself thing that you were on about... :tongue:
    Emma x
  18. Ah plenty of time then.

    Dont even worry about it, you'll do fine/

    Its not the Rothwell comp by anychance is it??

    Yeah do that talking to yourself thing, it does work trust me lol. If you get locked up in a mental institution then I will take full responsibility hehe
  19. x..Emma..x

    x..Emma..x Member

    Its not the rothwell comp,
    Its nothing special, just the bands annual solo night thingie... :D
    And WHEN i get locked up, i blame you!
    Hehe :D
    Emma x
  20. cornet1991

    cornet1991 New Member

    are you doing the solo on flugel if so there is a really good solo in gaelforce but actually that is alot better with a whole band so maybe with the band you could do gaelforce