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    Hey all tmp users! Eilidh Brian here from Campbeltown in Scotland. I'm 15 years old and I've been playing euph with Campbeltown Brass Band for 6 years. I play loads of solos (hardly ever win though - Mark) and do duets (Mark) and play in the under-16 ensemble Scottish Champions (funnily enough) Campbeltown Brass Quintet (which Mark is also in)

    Check out www.campbeltownbrass.co.uk - our website that bass master Willie created, and did an excellent job on too. Vote for it as website of the month too, and make him happy! :D

    Eilidh xxx
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    Hi you sound very busy.

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    yeah you can say that again! have something every weekend this month and next, and in the run up to exams too. It'll be hard going.
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    Hi there,

    Well I'm the Mark Eilidh was talking about. I want to play bass trombone in a band because that's what I play in everything apart from a brass band; I have to play 2nd trombone. It's not fun when you have a bass trombone, play bass trombone solos and generally enjoy to play bass trombone. :(

    All that happens in Campbeltown Brass.

  5. eilo15

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    Aye it's a hard old life, eh Mark? Just like me playing 2nd bari for 3 years, but finally I'm onto euphonium! =-D I can't wait until NYBBS next year. It'll be amazing! Hope stuart doesn't go though, I'll be down a seat
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    Murton Colliery Brass (my band) neded a bass trombone player. But I think it's a bit far to travel all the way from Scotland
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    Is anyone interested in going to NYOS (national youth orchestra of scotland) next year with me? I've been advised to go BUT BUT BUT BUT it would mean no NYBBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I could survive without NYBBS but I might have to. Eilidh hint hint......!!!!!!! lol:clap:

    Yes wish Durham wasn't so far away!
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    *Is shocked* Mark you have to go to NYBBS!!!! There are so many people to meet, and you learn loads, and....and...oooh I could play tuba in the orchestra thing. Or trumpet, but you've heard me on cornet - they would kick me out as soon as I walked in! Nah seriously, NYBBS all the way Mark!!! What do you think about asking Katrina if we can play Deep Inside the Sacred Temple with the wee band?
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    Yeah right enough but... I don't know, what if Greg got annoyed?:( Incidentally, George is just going on msn. Therefore I have to go. Keep this thread thingy - bump up the posts!!!

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    See ya later

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    Hi there,

    Who does everyone feel is the best brass band website at the moment? I haven't checked the vote and anyway, there are other websites not involved in it. Any ideas?

    http://www.campbeltownbrass.co.uk is just a thought!! Check it out!!! :D
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    Errrm, ok folks! Welcome to tMP Eilidh - it looks like you're starting to find your feet!

    We already have a thread for website nominations, so can we please leave your thoughts on that subject to the proper thread please? Ta!
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    hey, that site reminds a bit of the good old days of monochrome computerscreens (we used to have a black/green one at home, my uncle had a black/orange one :) )!


    very informative site though, lots of interesting information about the band!

    but as dyl already said, there is a separate forum about websites here: http://www.themouthpiece.com/vb/forumdisplay.php?f=59
    and of course the tMP link directory here: http://www.themouthpiece.com/links


    Jan :wink:
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    Bass Bone Player

    Hey Mark E, i dont blame you for wanting to play Bass Bone full time. It is by far the best instrument in the brass band family. If you practice and practice you will make it. In my band we have two Bass Boner's. Me and my twin brother, yes, twin brother. He's by far a much more accomplished player than myself, but he teaches me so much. I reherse 4 time's a week and usually practice 7 day's a week for roughly 30-40min's. What i'm saying is, you get out what you put in. Be confident and you'll soon dominate your section and then the band.
    Hope this help's you.
    Bass Trombone no2
    Manx Concert Brass.