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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Andy_Euph, Jul 19, 2005.

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    I'm bored so might as well add my contribution.

    My name is Andrew Neil Griffiths (to give my sunday name!) i'm 19, just about to turn 20, and i'm from a town called Newbiggin by the sea in Northumberland. I lived in Newbiggin all my life until I moved to Huddersfield in september 2003 to start uni, however things didn't work out too good and I moved back up home in februray 2004. However I entered Salford uni in septemeber 2004 and fortunately I managed to make it through a full year this time :biggrin: .

    Banding wise i've been playing since I was 13 when I eventually decided to follow in my dad and brothers' footsteps. Started on euphonium mainly its because what my dad played and before too long I joined Backworth (Five Rivers) band and played in my first and only contest to date as a 2nd bari player:biggrin: in november 1999, moved onto euph straight after and stayed at backworth until the summer of 2001.I learnt many new things with this band, including the joys of band weekends away (getting drunk at the age of 14 at the whit fridays:eek: ).

    I then moved to Ellington in 2001 and I am still a registered member of the band, the band has been quite successful during my time with them and I've experienced some great things, playing in two national finals in the space of 3 years and a fantastic trip to holland being highlights.
    As well as this i've also depped with a few bands in the north east and played in the Northumberland Schools Wind Orchestra while at school, where I met Colin (geordiecolin) and have sights of him leading a charge in a water fight....diddgeridoo et al!

    As for me as a person I'm just your typical student, lazy, addicted to alcohol and nearly always skint! I think the type of person I am you'll either love me or hate me :grnsm

    Anyway I said I was bored so sorry to anyone who views this, you've just wasted about a minute of your life :clap: :p ....BOC ON! :metal:
  2. Di

    Di Active Member

    Hi Andy and :hi. What better way to pass the afternoon when you're bored. :D
  3. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne and Wear
    Oh the memories!! Who would ever have thought that playing a didgeridoo up the octave from the fundamental would turn it into an almighty war horn. Quite possibly one of my most satisfying discoveries ever. Until someone chucked a bucket of water over my head!
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