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    Well thought it was about time I sat down and introduced myself, well my name is Alan Douglas am 22 years old (well at least for another 2 days), I have been invloved in brass bands most of my life. I started of playing with Buckhaven and Methil Brass Band (www.buckhavenband.com) and stayed with them for a good few years under the baton of Mr Alan Fernie, I then moved to another local band Tullis Russell Mills Band in 1997 and played there until 2001, where due to one thing or another I moved to Kingdom Brass (www.kingdombrass.co.uk) but gave up banding pretty soon after that when I went to Uni in Edinburgh. It was whilst at Uni I was convinced by a friend of mine Alan Duguid to return to banding, so I joined his band The Bathgate Band (www.thebathgateband.org.uk) where we won the Scottish Championships (1st Section) after a couple of years there I returned home to Fife and signed with Tullis again.

    My main instrument is baritone, but I feel like the musicman, now that I have played on every seat in the band inc Bb bass and Sop. When I returned to Tullis this year I signed on principal cornet but stepped down for a fab cornet player (Mr Neil Wallace).

    Best contesting moment for me, would have to be the recent Scottish Cup, where after a really bad spell with the band looseing most of their players re built the band and came 2nd over all and were the best placed 3rd section band under the baston of Mr John Maines! Such a great feeling knowing that all the hard work of builing a "new band" had payed of, plus the band sounded great.

    So thats me, jumped around a lot of bands in my time, but am a true "Tullis" boy at heart!
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    Hey doll!!
    What day are you playing at the Scottish? I'm going to try and make it up for drinks on the Saturday, depending on our rehearsals like. See ya soon xx
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    Hey hun, sorry a missed you over the Xmas period! We are playing on the 11th, you should try and make it up I think its gonna be a good one this year!