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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by julian, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. julian

    julian Active Member

    Has anyone used Hetman's valve oil number 3 oil for classic instruments (i.e. older instruments with looser valve tolerances) and how did you get on?
  2. 2nd tenor

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    I’m sure that there was a thread some time back about worn or loose fitting valves and what to use with them. I’d be interested to know about Oil for Vintage instrument’s too. One search I made suggested a very light application (faint smear) of lithium grease to the valves and then oil them as normal, much to my surprise it works really well. YMMV.
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  3. Shifty

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    I'm using Hetman's 1, 2 and 3 on different horns, all with great results. #1 for new horns, #3 for the geriatrics, #2 for those that haven't proven the need for #1 or #3. I've had no problems with any kind of gunk building up. While the #3 is obviously thicker than the others, I can use it on any horn and the valves still move faster than my fingers. But it makes the old valves less prone to hang up and helps with compression. Also using three types of their slide oils -- good tools for different requirements.
  4. Queeg2000

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    Diverging a little off topic (then linking back up), I have renovated a few Mamod steam engines in the past with badly worn pistons. The pistons are made of brass and I have had a degree of success warming them up and applying a film of plumbing solder to them, then lapping in with brasso to ensure a good deal.

    I'm sure the same principle would work on a brass instrument too, probably much better as the valves work much slower and at lower pressure.
  5. julian

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    A little drastic for me!
    I have a vintage cornet with just a small amount of piston wear - not enough to warrant a rebuild, but was looking for something just to help improve the compression a little. I've seen oils advertised by both Hetman and Yamaha and was wondering if anyone else used them on vintage instruments and how they got on and even which oil they though best.
  6. Slider1

    Slider1 Active Member

    Great Idea, start with the Sop. and work down :):):)
  7. GordonH

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    I use the Hetman no 3 on a very old cornet that was made before modern valve tolerances. Those old instruments used to be lubricated with a lanolin and oil mix of some sort. The Hetman no 3 fills the huge gap very well but you need to oil regularly. It also accumulates in the bottom caps. That probably would not happen with an instrument that was just a bit worn.
  8. julian

    julian Active Member

    Thanks Gordon. It's for one of my vintage echo cornets. The valves aren't too bad at all but I just wondered what difference it made. I think that it's time to get on and order some!
  9. sop@55

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    ooh..oil and valves! 2nd Tenor is as close as I can recommend. Sharon McCallum (Bones & Brass), one of the best repairers/brass instrument engineers in the Country, recommends a drop or two of "red stuff" to the valves of older instruments (including my 2001 Besson Prestige Bb cornet) topped up with an older style oil "windcraft Alu 005". It works. I think the red stuff equates to the lithium based smear mentioned above. Again, other instruments other oils!
    And for any Sop players wishing for better response on their first valve trigger/hook look no further than Will Spencer's "Snot"; so name by his pupils at Goldsmiths college as it apparently has the same consistency. If the top orchestra guys use it I think it might be good! Certainly worked for my 1986 Sop Shilke!
  10. julian

    julian Active Member

    Thanks. I expect that I'll se Shaz at the areas - she did a great job on my Besson Enharmonic compensating cornet!
  11. GordonH

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    The biggest difference you will notice is that all the slots firm up. SO the tuning issues tend to sort themselves out. I have only ever bought one bottle of it and am still using it so it is not much money for an effective fix.
  12. pbirch

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    I like Hetman no 1, does anyone know where you can get it in the UK (or even at less than exorbitant postage)?
  13. julian

    julian Active Member

    Got some now - really pleased with it!
  14. julian

    julian Active Member

    I have found that Hetman's is stocked by both Paxman and Phil Parker's in London. Haven't found any others outside of the Capital.
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