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    My name is Tim, (if you don't already know), and I began my musical career at the age of two (1953), shaking my bells at a Christmas concert with my Dad's Harmonica Band, The Westonics, at the Odeon in Weston-super-Mare. This is where I grew up, although I was born in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire - on February 14th 1951 (I had to get that one in). Do you want some more? OK. I began piano lessons when I was 7, but my teacher sacked me because I kept filling in extra notes to make the chords complete. I still play by ear.

    I started playing the drums when I was 10, because I wanted to be a pop star, but never got further than "The Statix" in Weston, never heard of them? Not a lot of people have, that's why I ended up in the Weston Youth Orchestra on timps. Weston Grammar School for Boys didn't like music, and I didn't like them, so I left when I was 15, (you could then), and joined the Army as a Junior Bandsman, (24104475). This is where I learnt the trombone, acoustic and bass guitar.

    I came to Manchester in 1971, to the Royal Manchester College of Music, (which became the Royal Northern College of Music). Besides trombone, I studied compostion with Thomas Pitfield, (so did John Golland). After qualifying in 1974, I spent several years playing trombone and bass guitar professionally, orchestral and jazz/rock music. I also taught every brass instrument except french horn if I could possibly avoid it.

    In 1981, I started teaching in secondary education, which I left after 13 years before it killed me!

    My brass band experience started in 1999 with Sale Brass. Then, after a spell with ****ington Brass and Hawk Green (Marple), I eventually ended up with Flixton Brass, where I am today. When Rachel (sparklingquavers) joined, she mentioned The Mouthpiece, (which I though was a defunct brass band magazine), but she put me right, and I signed up. I also met a delightful horn player at Flixton, Julie, (ju33les), who I am now married to, and she is wonderful.

    Are you still awake? Not long to go now. I conducted the Parr Band in St Helens for a year. Winning the fourth section at Wychaven Entertainment Contest last year was wonderful, especially when I was able to phone my Dad to tell him the good news, as my Mother had passed away a week earlier. After the result, every member of the band kept saying, "Have you phoned your Dad yet?" - a memory which I will cherish for ever.

    Nearly finished. Besides directing the occasional musical society, (Jack and the Beanstalk in January), I write and publish music for brass band. I have been composing and arranging music professionally for over thirty years, including radio and recording, but was never published. It was Roger Thorne who inspired me to set up my own publishing company, TP Music. Thank you Roger. In less than two years, my music is being played in Britain, USA, Australia, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Thanks also to my wonderful wife who helped me to fund this enterprise. Finally, thanks to John Burns, "Mr Mouthpiece", for creating banners for me, and advertising me on tMP.

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    :D OK Bol-lington Brass :p
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    Let me tell you tim, that day will be cherished by every member of parr band!

    What a day.:D
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    Hi Tim. I know that winning Wychhaven will be the highlight of my life of brass banding, this is because it was my first contest win. I really enjoyed it and am sure the rest of the band did too. :D