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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Smiling Sop, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Smiling Sop

    Smiling Sop New Member

    Hi All

    After a few months of looking at the many interesting threads, I've finally signed up.

    For those who will not know me, I play Soprano for the Bilton Band in Rugby and have been with the band for nearly 20 years. Although I originally played trumpet, I switched to cornet on joining Bilton and a few years later made another change to Sop. I am also the band's Publicity Officer.

    I look forward to joining in the threads and making contact with friends old and new.

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  3. Di

    Di Active Member

    Hi Alister and :hi to tMP.

    It's good that, having watched from a distance for some time, you've decided to take the plunge and join us. I'm sure you will, as you say, meet up with friends, old and new.

    Welcome. :)
  4. ScaryFlugel

    ScaryFlugel Member

    Yo Al! About time too.
  5. sop 1

    sop 1 Member

    hi alister,nice to see you on here!
    hope everyone is ok,im still recovering from germany ha ha .
    hope to speak to you on here soon. paul [helen's boyfriend from parc and dare!]
  6. Flugelfrank

    Flugelfrank Member

    welcome Alister, have a nice time here.

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