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    Here's one for the trumpet players out there !

    We were having a quiet night in the local last night , and the landlord , being a fan , put on the BBC1 documentary about "The Carpenters".

    Fairly early on appeared the co-manager of A and M records , the label that first signed them , one Herb Alpert .

    Is this the Herb Alpert , of Tijauna Brass fame ?

    My jazz-afficinado chums Jan and Mike said yes , I said "Can't be" if only cos I thought that Tijuana Brass etc was donkeys years old and this guy looked relatively youngish - late 50's / early 60's .

    Prove me right or wrong please!!
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    Thanks Chunky.

    I owe two pints now!
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    Wrong again mate, you owe 3, unless your two friends were sharing one :wink:
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    A few more facts about Alpert -

    The "M" in A & M was Jerry Moss.

    Alpert was born 31 March 1935. The Tijuana Brass became popular in the 1960s (they disbanded in 1969, although at least one album was released later).

    Alpert is still active, mostly producing now, does a lot of Broadway shows - he won a Tony Award for producing Angels in America.

    Official site is http://www.herbalpert.com/
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    This might be a candidate for the worst public admission thread, but anyhoo...

    I love his version of Bert Bacharach's "this guy's in love with you". OK, it has a faint whiff of fondue about it, but it's such a lovely song, and the arrangement and production are great - lots of lush strings...

    I looked for it everywhere as I wanted to use it as one of the first dance records when we got married. I failed, sadly, in the days before itunes and widely accessable internet, even after trawling through most of Leicester's specialist record shops. Most of the time I got a blank look or the occasional "wwwwhhhhooooo?" as it wasn't released as a single over here, and I didn't know the album (if it is on an album) so we had to do without on the day. :(

    Anyway....thats my confessional for the day, I thought I'd share it FWIW. I'm off now to listen to something hugely cool on my drive home from work, but I reckon later tonight I'll be trawing itunes for it...:oops:

    Oh, and his wikipedia entry is here.
  8. Isn't it also fact that it wasn't Herb at all playing on the Zorba the Greek track...?
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    Fascinating to note that the "Wikipedia" article on Herb Alpert describes the Tijuana Brass as a "Brass Band" ...
  10. They got a Dep in ;)
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    Which it was - in the tradition of the New Orleans-style brass band. Remember that the British-style brass band is actually rather an anomaly in the US.
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    Sorry, I would have to disagree with you there. I see no similarity at all between a New-Orleans-Style brass band and Alpert's outfit, other than the fact that some brass instruments are used.
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    Alpert's group was based on the common New Orleans jazz bands of the 1960s, the most notable difference being the substitution of electric bass for tuba/string bass and use of kit percussion rather than bass and snare drum. They were also influenced by the mariachi bands of northern Mexico.

    The sound was much "slicker" and commercial than the New Orleans groups, with less improvisation and tighter arrangements.
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    I once saw a bit of concert footage (along with another two brass players) of the TJB playing Zorba, and if Herb wasn't playing first trumpet, he was miming at the right speed :)

    But what really impressed all three of us was the second trumpet, playing a fifth lower - some nasty fingering, but just as slick as Mr Alpert... :eek:
  15. Zorba was discussed on TPIN a couple of years ago, and the trumpet player who actually played on the recording was named - as it was a player that I had never heard of, I do not recall his name.

    I had always suspected that Zorba was a little too difficult for Herb. Let's face it - he wasn't exactly in the same class as most pro trumpet players.
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    Maybe not - but I suspect he made more cash... ;)