Hepworth (Cookson Homes) Band, 'Hymns of Praise' concert.

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    It is not often that a band takes the time to devote a night of music particularly of one type – however I for one can be very glad that the Hepworth (Cookson Homes) Band took the time to put on the concert recently staged at a packed St Paul’s Hall in Huddersfield. Entitled ‘Hymns of Praise’ the concert opened with a piece of exactly that name, arranged by Goff Richards which contained the ten most popular hymns in Britain, as voted for by the viewers of BBC Songs of Praise. It was obvious from that moment that the Band, under the capable baton of their conductor Mark Bentham, were in fine form.

    Following on from that, Eric Ball’s technical and spectacular cornet solo ‘Glory to His Name’ met every bit it’s match in principal cornetist Rob Westacott; the fireworks contrasting completely with the band’s soulful rendition of Philip Wilby’s beautifully crafted ‘The Day Thou Gavest’. Indeed, variety was the spice of this concert and Mark Bentham’s programme selection really showed off the diversity that exists within devotional music, as well as the Band’s exceptional versatility. James Curnow’s ‘A Psalm of Praise’ raised the tempo once again, before Kenneth Downie’s ‘In Perfect Peace' returned a calmer mood, before the Band rounded off the first half with Edward Gregson’s evergreen ‘Variations on Laudate Dominum.’

    The second half opened in bright style with Wilfred Heaton’s fine march ‘Praise’ before the second soloist of the evening, Principal Euphonium player James Fieldhouse, stepped into the limelight and treated the audience to a breathtaking performance of Norman Bearcroft’s ‘A Better World.’ But the highlight of the evening was yet to come, as Eric Ball’s epic ‘Resurgam’ held the audience on the edge of their seats and very nearly raised the roof.

    Carol Stephens, the Band’s third soloist then proved it isn’t only exceptional brass playing the Band is noted for with a captivating unaccompanied marimba solo, Evelyn Glennie’s phenomenally difficult ‘Little Prayer.’ Dean Goffin’s ‘Light of the World’ and Dean Jones’ ‘Glorifico Aeternum’ rounded off a thoroughly enjoyable programme.

    However, with the length and volume of the applause that followed, there was no question mark over whether or not the audience wanted an encore! In fact the whole concert was so well received, when Mark Bentham asked if the audience would like one more piece, an audience member who was quicker than the rest of us enquired “Can we have two”? However the encore Bentham had chosen was Roy Newsome’s arrangement of Handel Parker’s moving hymn ‘Deep Harmony,’ and I’m sure even the aforementioned audience member would have agreed that nothing could possibly have followed that.

    The last note of the concert was every bit as impressive and enjoyable as the first, and Bentham stood the Band to receive the applause, he and every one of them richly deserved every second. There is little more enjoyable than hearing talented musicians doing what they do best. In Hepworth (Cookson Homes) Band, the town of Huddersfield has an organisation of which they can be justly proud, and for an evening’s entertainment, the friends accompanying me agreed it was definitely one of the best £6 they’d ever spent.

    Andrew Cook
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  2. hannahone

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    Reviewing your own concert,..... novel idea!

    IYOUNG Member

    Sounds like a superb programme of music chosen here.....congratulations to all concerned
  4. Tony Tuba

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    Well, not strictly reviewing my own concert. As you will clearly see at the end of the review, it was written by a fellow music lover, Andrew Cook. I merely put the review onto the site for you all to ponder over what a great night you missed, whilst aching in anticipation of the next of Hepworth's concerts at Uppermill Civic Hall on 12th April! ;o)

  5. critic

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    i believe Andy Cook who reviewed the concert is a member of the Yorkshire coop band.It was nice to hear a concert with a difference.
  6. Andi also got in touch with me to announce I had missed a spectacular performance - congrats to one and all at Hep. particularly you Mr. TT - see you at th'areas!

  7. JohnnyEuph

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    it was a fantastic first job for me, i remember coming off stage with the shakes and a whopping great grin!
  8. Thirteen Ball

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    Indeed you are correct, sir! Co-op through and through.

    It was a cracking performance. It was actually the first time I'd heard 'Resurgam' played live, and I must now say, none of the CDs I have of it even nearly do the work justice. Yes, I CAN usually be heard complaining about the over-use of old-school test pieces but I'm very glad to NOT be doing so here.

    Outside review mode, I MUST mention the marimba solo 'Little prayer.' I've little experience of the sound of the marimba, and have never played percussion myself, but I loved the resonance of the low notes and the way the sound carried so well. As for the piece itself HOW HARD IS THAT???!!??? Two sticks in both hands must be tough enough at the best of times, but changing and inverting chords with one hand whilst playing the tune and countermelody on the other and tremeloing with both?


    Respect is indeed due.
  9. Tony Tuba

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    Aye, Carol always works at her best when she's got her hands full!! ;-)

  10. andylockett86

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    Outrageous Mr Tuba!! How do you know Carol works well with her hands full sir!? hahaha. Thanks to Andi Cook for reviewing concert
  11. Tony Tuba

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    Just a wild guess mate!! ;-)

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