Helping The Brass Band Archives Into the 21st Century!

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    The Assocation of Band Traders Offer Their Support at Butlins 2008
    The Association of Band Traders is proud to announce their support of a new website project for the Brass Band Archives. This was the initiative of Jon Handley of Handley Band Uniforms and TOR Designs, and the Butlins National Mineworkers Open Festival later this month will be used as the launch event. The Association is donating exhibition space to the archives organisation, enabling them to present some of the historically significant brass band memorabilia they have in their care.

    The Brass Band Archives exhibition will also be running a special fund-raising prize draw throughout the weekend with a brand new euphonium, donated by Virtuosi England Ltd, as the impressive prize. The money raised will go towards the creation and future updating of a new website for the organisation created by Just Brass Media Services, together with future support and promotion of this extraordinary collection of brass banding heritage.

    Bringing the Brass Band Archives into the 21st Century
    The Brass Band Archives is a voluntary organisation and for anyone who has visited the treasure-trove in Wigan, it forms an integral part of brass banding history. For many, it is possible that you were unaware that the archives even existed, and this forms the basis of why it was felt that a website could be an ideal means of promoting the organisation and bringing more attention to its substantial collection of the movement’s heritage.

    “The Brass Band Archives are unparalleled in their historical work and it is critical that such a collection of artefacts, memorabilia and items of notable brass band historical interest are protected for the future. By providing the organisation with support in promoting its existence to a wider audience through the display stand at the contest and the new website in the future, we are hoping that the knock-on effects will derive more visitors to their premises, a wider support for their work and further donations of historical items from bands across the world.” commented Clair Tomalin, Secretary of The Association of Band Traders.

    Win A Euphonium
    Virtuosi England Ltd, a member of the Association of Band Traders, has shown its own passion and support for this organisation by offering a significant contribution of a brand new 4-Valve Euphonium for a prize-draw which is aimed at raising money for the creation and future support of the Brass Band Archives website at (

    Prize-Draw Tickets
    Tickets can be obtained throughout the weekend from the Brass Band Archives display stand, giving you the chance of winning a brand new VB-612S 4 Valve Euphonium from the new Regency Range being launched by Virtuosi England Ltd at the contest. Both First Brass Ltd and JP Instruments will be exhibiting the new Regency and Classic Range, so you can find out more about these UK produced instruments, designed for use by a variety of levels from the promising student through to the most experienced of musicians, by visiting their trade stands over the weekend.

    Don’t need a Euphonium? Don’t worry, even if you are already happy with your euphoniums you can still join in! Virtuosi England Ltd have offered to exchange the Euphonium for an alternative instrument from their Regency or Classic Range, up to the value of £750! So, whatever you or your band may need, by supporting the Brass Band Archives you could also be enjoying a worthwhile personal benefit with a brand new instrument!

    Virtuosi England Ltd
    Shawn Pagington of Virtuosi England Ltd commented “When I first found out about this secret treasure of the brass band world I knew I wanted to enable more people to be aware of the Brass Band Archives organisation. The amount of time, effort, commitment and energy that has gone in to compiling the amazing collection of items that make up the archives is outstanding. In these times of the internet and global communication, it’s important that such a significant collection of our brass banding heritage can enjoy the exposure and interest it deserves. By offering the Euphonium as a prize, we are hoping that the visiting public will make the most of the opportunity to support such a worthy organisation, whilst at the same time being in with the chance of adding an impressive instrument to their band’s line up.”

    Tickets will be available from the Brass Band Archives display stand throughout the weekend, and it is hoped that with such a great prize to win, interest will be strong enough to secure a healthy future for the Brass Band Archives’ development.

    Visit The Brass Band Archives Display Stand At Butlins
    The Brass Band Archives will have a dedicated stand at the Butlins contest in Skegness from Friday 18th – Sunday 20th. There will be a display of memorabilia, programmes and trophies in the Association of Band Traders tradeshow area and Walter Ainscough, the caring custodian of the Brass Band Archives, will also be there to meet visitors and reminisce. Everyone is invited to visit and enjoy a little taste of brass banding history!

    Jon Handley, the Tradeshow Manager for this event commented “The addition of the Brass Band Archives display will bring a refreshing addition to the tradeshow area. Visitors will be able to take a trip down memory lane, have the chance to chat with Walter and challenge his vast knowledge of all things Brass Band, find out how to visit the ‘emporium’ which houses the immense collection of Brass Band Archives, and demonstrate their support for protecting this heritage with a chance of winning a Euphonium … and that’s before they even start browsing around the rest of the tradeshow!”

    Jon Handley, was the originator of this initiative and has been intrinsic in making it a reality. With the support of Just Brass Media Services offering to create and maintain the website ‘at cost’, The Association of Band Traders agreeing to give exhibition space at the contest and Virtuosi England Ltd donating a Euphonium for the prize draw, this really is an undertaking that has been wholeheartedly embraced by the Association and its member organisations.

    The Association of Band Traders look forward to welcoming you to Butlins, the tradeshow and the Brass Band Archives display stand, and hope that you will enjoy this innovative project.

    Clair Tomalin
    Association of Band Traders

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    You're right, I for one have never heard of it, and if I wanted to visit it I would need to know the address - Wigan is a big place. The web address you give would help in that respect, but it doesn't seem to be up and running as yet.

    What does the archive contain? How long has it been in existence? Does it, for example, predate the formation of the Brass Band Heritage Trust, which until now was the only band archive I was aware of, and which contains (amongst other things) historic scores? More information please! Not all of us will be going to Butlins!
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    Dear Jim

    Thank you for your response - the questions you ask are exactly why it was felt a website was needed for The Brass Band Archives - not enough bandspeople know about it and are missing out!

    The website isn't up and running at present as this is what the fund-raising efforts from the Prize Draw at Butlins are for. However, it is hoped that following the contest, the first bits of the website will be live by the beginning/middle of February.

    The Brass Band Archives premises are at:

    Windsor House
    323 Scholes
    WN1 3NH

    They are open for viewing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00am - 4.00pm. To check opening times before travelling etc, you can reach either of the curators by telephone:

    Walter Ainscough - 01942 231 811
    Alan Marsh - 01942 747 644

    The archives include a wide variety of memorabilia, including banners, trophies, scores, posters, programmes and the seemingly limitless memory bank of Walter Aisncough!

    Even though you won't be at Butlins, we are hoping to include some photographs of the Brass Band Archives display stand on the Association of Band Traders website after the event. So, hopefully this will provide you with even more of an idea of its treasures.

    With kind regards,

    Clair Tomalin
    Association of Band Traders

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