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    Here's a story for you.

    Imagine a player, let's call him Top Man, agrees to help a band out on a recording. The band isn't ranked in the top hundred but it's a decent band, never the less. The recording is the first time the band has been in the studio for a decade and Top Man, surprise surprise, is playing Top Man (bet you didn't see that one coming).

    Anyway, less than a week before the recording Top Man decides that he'd rather not do the recording after all. However, since he lacks the bottle to tell anyone over the phone / to their face, he sends the conductor of the band a text message telling the conductor that he can't be bothered to do the recording.

    Needless to say, this puts the band in a bit of a spin. I mean, it's not like it's a back row cornet player they need to find with a few days to go.

    Anyway, my questions to you, dear reader are:

    1) Do we want people like that in our movement
    2a) Should bands pull together and take sanctions against individuals like Top Man and his ilk
    b) What kind of sanctions should we take

    When I heard this story last night, I was disgusted. Sadly, there are some players in the banding movement who believe their own hype, and the sooner we weed them out and ensure that they do not get to play for any band again, the better.
  2. Steve

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    1.) I dont want people like that in any walk of life, not just banding.
    2a.) Although public naming and shaming is obviously not encouraged here I would definitely make a point of making this individuals banding ethic public knowledge to all bands near me.
    b.) Other than trying to discourage other bands from using their services and ensuring his character and committment is brought into question there is little we can do.

    Incidentally, I would only ever do the above in cases like this where the individual has neither the dedication or decency to do the recording or give anyone a reasonable explanation in advance to their face. People like this do my head in, wether or not the movement is short of players!
  3. 2nd man down

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    That is pretty disgusting behaviour it has to be said. Even supposing he realised he couldn't do it rather than deciding he didn't want to (which doesn't appear to be the case in this instance anyway), it's still lousy way to let a band down, given that we can assume with a week to go before the recording that he had other means of letting them know at his disposal.
    Perhaps they should send him a text message explaining that they'll be billing him for the cancelled recording session and see how he likes that.

    No, we don't need people like this in our movement, they do nothing but sully the reputation of the top players who do honour their commitments.
    How you go about stopping them doing this sort of thing is another matter all togeher, and not an easy issue to deal with.

    One question though, if the band had to rely on a borrowed player to sit on the top seat, why were they making a recording at all? Or was it the case that the recording was being done with the deliberate intention of having a guest soloist? (This isn't meant as a criticism of the band, I was just curious to know really)
  4. stevetrom

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    Before anyone gets too judgemental, are you CERTAIN that Top Man 'could'nt be bothered' rather than had a genuine reason - possibly of a personal nature that he would rather not explain to anyone?
  5. 2nd man down

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    I think even if there was a really desperate reason that he couldn't do the job he could have found a better way to do it than by txt message. For a kick off how could he guarantee that it was ever received?
  6. persins

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    Text message may be an appropriate method of letting people know about a rehearsal but to get out of an engagement such as this is seems woefully inadequate. On the face of it, it does seem entirely selfish and below the belt but we don't necessarily know the thought process behind the decision. It is quite scarey that the person involved was playing Top Man though considering that they were depping for the recording.

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  7. Lauradoll

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    Who was it! Name and shame!!!!!!!


    Poor effort on "top man"'s part though.
  8. brasscrest

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    Even if there were some critical personal issue, this type of betrayal of a commitment deserves at least a little bit of explanation, even if it's simply "A problem of a personal nature which I cannot discuss has come up." And either a telephone conversation or a face-to-face meeting.

    Text message! :evil: Almost as bad as not saying anything at all.
  9. Di

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    Not good at all. Many a time we've received text messages more than 24 hours after they were sent! Voice mail is as bad, if not, worse! I left Vicki a voice mail on Tuesday last week, at 2:45pm. Her phone rang in the break at band last night (silently of course ;)). It as the delivery of the voicemail left last week.

    If you're not able to make any event, for any reason, make absolutely sure the message gets through so as not lot let anyone down.
  10. tinytimp

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    I'd definitely let other bands know of the experience with this player, whether they know his reasoning or not - it's just not a professional way to deal with the situation. Maybe if people are aware of this incident they'd be more wary of approaching said player.

    If you agree to help out - be it in banding or equally another other walk of life - you should ideally be committed to that agreement, agreeing with the knowledge that nothing else will interfere (at least at the time of agreement). And surely it's common courtesy to speak face to face/telephone with the band manager or MD, or perhaps even offer to help find a dep.

    I've been let down by people in the past and people like this just get on my nerves :mad:
  11. deave

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    to be fair to the lad...he does take on jobs consulting his wallet and not his diary!!

    he's a nice chap, but has done this a few times now
  12. Griffin

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    I got dumped by text once, not good.
  13. Shaggy

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    So....thats agreed then, we dont want people like this in the movement. Have any of you stopped and considered how many of us would be left if this came true?I have been in the movement for thirty years, while at the same time been fortunate enough to work professionally in various settings, Big bands,dance bands, jazz orchestras,small jazz groups,amatuer orchestras, and I continue to be amazed at the behaviour of many people in the Brass Band movement, the lying, cheating, backstabbing, disloyalty, scheming, its just unbelievable at times.

    These people would never get work if they did this professionally. Its a great relief to know we have none of this rubbish at Branstonworth these days. Everyone is there becuase they wish to be there and they all get stuck in, turn up, get on with it. You cant ask for more.
  14. ian perks

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    I would like to say that we made a commitee decision(2004) that we have banned ALL TEXT MESSAGES from players if they cant make a practise or a Job and Speak to someone by phone or direct and dont live till the last minute either:mad:
    As the problems it causes is a nightmare for the Deps Secretary or the person who as to ring round trying to get another player(s) in.
    Thankfully it as never happened since:clap:
  15. el maestro

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    I think my trombone teacher left brass bands and went over to orchestras for that very reason...