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    I am buying a tenor horn for the wife after Christmas and want to know were is best place to buy it? She wants a sovereign BE950 (large bore), Gear Gig Bag and practice mute and it will all be needed to be sent to Oman.

    Can you help???

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    I reckon if you buy it for christmas instead, you'll get free delivery

    Santa delivers all over the world... ;)

    Seriously though, I'm not sure about delivery. You might actually find it cheaper to fly to a dealer, buy it, and fly it back with you. Carriage is mad, especially if you're going to have to do multi-hops.

    Out of curiosity, where do your Royal Guards get their instruments/supplies?
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    Will he know we are in Dubai for Christmas? :lol:

    I think we will probably have to order it and then bring it back with us later on next year!

    The bands used to buy some of their instruments from an American company Giardinelli and have them shipped out, we have tried these for a tenor horn but they only sell french horns with an Eb shank!!! :shock:
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    Thanks Alan

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