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    hey guys, im writing because i am in desperate need of your help. i am doing my final year now at uni and i have decided to do a 50 minute recital!!! (dont no how i am going to do it lol). anyway the pieces i have got all ready are 'Cavantine' by saint saens, 'Recitave and Prayer' by hector berlioz and the second and third movments of Rimsky Korsakovs concereto for trombone. so far i have about 30 mins worth of muisic. if anyone could help that would be fantastic. i am a treble cleff trombone reading (yes i no its the wrong cleff but hey) but any suggestions would be appricated

    thanks guys becks x x x
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    Albrechtsberger Concerto for Alto. Transcribed for Tenor Trom. Very manageable, and would be a good contrast to the other pieces you are playing
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    Have you tried the Hindemith Sonata?:)