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  1. Ryan06

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    Anyone know of any good technical study books for baritone or just for brass? I'm a very good player but would still love to improve. Always looking for new technical studies,etc. If you know any websites that has free technical studies or can recommend a great book, that would be great.

  2. sevenhelz

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    Vizzutti and Clark(e?) books are supposed to be very good. The Arban also a good place to start, if you don't have one already. I'm on the look out for the first two myself, so let me know if you get them cheap :)
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    I've pretty much lived out of the arban since i started playing - a very good book to improve all aspects of playing really!
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    Improve Playing

    A good practice regime also improves anyone's playing. Hymn tunes, semi-quaver scales, mixed intervals, long notes and then a study followed by tricky band parts; stood me in good stead for many years. If I have parts/solos that demand a specific technical skill, ie double or triple tonguing, then that's what I practice and make it part of my standard regime. Wouldn't over work the technical side of your playing though, make sure it's balanced out with long notes, hymns and slow melodies to keep up your stamina and sound quality.
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    you can't go wrong with the Arban. There is an Otto Langey treble clef baritone method which I was lent recently. Its very old, and I wasn't personally very impressed with it because it's advice and exercises are rather dated. You can say this about the arban but the exercises in the arban are rather better. I've an old international edition with more solos and duets in and I'm keeping hold of it too!