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    Is there such a band as 'St Pinnock'?? (am not sure of the spelling...)

    We have a player who wants to transfer to us for the Area, but insists they are already registered with this band...have tried to find their details but have been unsuccessful...anyone help me with a contact number?

    I think they are based in Cornwall, but am not sure....
  2. Smiffy

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    Nicky...can't help with a contact number...but can confirm that St Pinnock were listed in the West of England Regionals in the 3rd section in 2005...they haven't a working web site running that I can find...but with various references to them being in the Bugle contest and Plymouth concerts certainly points to them being in Cornwall....I did see there was a player that used to play for them that now is at Mount maybe contacting via Mount Charles may help?....St Pinnock's conductor for 2005 regionals was Peter Minear...maybe if you could get a conatct for him that may be a lead?...he is listed as a player on St Austell's band site (but no e-mail link).

    Hope this may help a bit

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    - certainly do exist but they don't have a website any longer (as far as I know). Were conducted in the 3rd Section regionals of the West Of England Area last year by Peter Minear. Maybe if you contact ...The Cornwall Brass Band Association (BFBB) (39 bands), Secretary - Mr GF King, 33 Dobell Road, St Austell, Cornwall, PL25 4NB - Tel: 01726-61042

    or ... The South West Brass Band Association (BFBB) (72 bands), Secretary - Brian Elliot, 1 Woodland Court, Woodlands Road, Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 9HG Tel: 01752-892056

    ... they might be of some help (if the above details are still correct!)

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  4. sugarandspice

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    Yes they do exist!

    You may have better luck contacting them thru St dennis band, as the conductors are brothers!

    I'm home this weekend so might be able to get a more direct contact number should you still require it?
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    If your still looking for their conductors contact, then I can give it to you if you PM me or send me an email.