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  1. DublinBass

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    Do training bands have a separate board or committee than the parent band?
    Do they have a separate bank account or treasury?
    Do they have separate tax exempt documentation?
    Do they have separate library and instrument from the parent group?

    I'm sure things are done differently from group to group, but as many ideas as possible would be helpful as new student band is trying to form and a question is 1) would they be better off as a separate entity or becoming the "training" band for one of the already established groups in the area.
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    Well, our learners band which over the years fluctuates between being a very small group of beginners and a band capable of undertaking engagements which the main band doesn't do e.g. school fetes etc. is part of the same establishment as the main band and shares its charitable status. All members of the learners band over the age of 18 and the parents of those under 18 are full members of the band and the under 18s are Junior Members. There is a specific "Learners co-ordinator" (Me at the moment!!)who is an officer of the band like the secretary, chairman, bandmaster and treasurer who is responsible for the learners band and is elected annually. While there is no official demarcation between the bands' libraries in theory, in practice there is music that is purchased for and largely used by the learners group as well as tutor books etc. As far as instruments go, we have a large assortment of relatively elderly instruments (some VERY elderly and clearly older than the band itself!) allocated for the use of learners. These are all perfectly adequate instruments, but ones that will not cost a mint to insure and will not dent if you look at them. When a member of the learners band moves up into the main band they are usually allocated a better instrument as soon as possible - this is equivalent to a rite of passage!
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    It's a little bit of both with us. The instruments belong to the senior band and we bought their uniforms and support their running expenses.The juniors do have their own bank account. As they don't do paid engagement its topped up by donations from people who specifically want to donate to the junior band. They have bought their own set of music stands, they pay their own entry fees to local solo contests and buy tutor books as required. Any actual band music they want to play comes from the senior library.
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    Our youth band/training band has seperate everything from the main band at the moment, bandroom, instruments, music, bank account and even a slightly different name, however, the two organisations work well together as one, mainly because it's the same personnel although seperate committees.

    They would need to weigh up the pro's and cons for each and maybe approach some established groups to see what they say. It can be useful to be part of a larger organisation as much as it can be also useful to retain independence. We have the best of both worlds really, we are a seperate entity as and when it suits and a part of a bigger unit when that suits us too.
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    Its early days for our training band (it's actually officially the intermediate band) so its heavily tied to the senior band. The accounts etc are all shared, but the senior band are giving as much support as we can and are committed to getting funds etc for new instruments.

    In the past I've seen both ways of working, and I can see the benefit of both too. The one thing I'd say as a sort of creveat is that if you have a seperate account / committee / instrument store etc. for the junior band then you really need to work hard to keep the ties with the senior band. I've known more than one case of a junior band conductor actively discouraging "their" players for going into the senior band as it would mean a drop in the standard of the junior band, and I guess not so good contest results. Seems to defeat the object of it to me....:-?
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    After my stunning performace of 'Wallace and Gromit' on Eb Bass where our Youth Band MD had to stop the band 4 times due to me not being able to count 6 beats, I can say that Senior Banders are probably discouraged at Youth Band now :biggrin:

    Joking aside (although I couldn't count 6 beats for some reason), the whole point of having a Youth/ Trainnig / Junior etc band is to feed the Senior Band? Ours was created for this very purpose as well as the community links it creates and the fact there are youngsters who want to play and learn.

    Any band where they discourage progression of their junior members into the senior band is asking for trouble.