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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if any band out there may be able to help us. The band are looking to play a particular test piece at the English Nationals (don't want to mention what we are playing in case any of the adjudicators are on here!!) and we need quite a few mutes to pull it off.

    2 euph cup mutes
    2 baritone cup mutes
    1 euph bucket mute
    1 Eb bass bucket mute
    1 Bb bass bucket mute
    2 Eb bass cup mutes
    2 Bb bass cup mutes
    3 horn bucket mutes

    We are willing to pay for the loan of them just tring to get it sorted at the moment. The band need them asap and would need them until 25th June - obv for rehearsal purposes and for on the day. We will collect and rturn them to the band that is willing to help us!!

    Pemberton Band
  2. Muteman

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    Hi there, I supplied a very similar looking list of mutes to Dyke last year for the Europeans. As far as I know, I am the only manufacturer of some of the mutes on that list, so you will struggle to get, for example Bb bass bucket mutes, from anywhere else.
    Please give me a call on 07881 715789.


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