Help with Euphonium Mouthpieces!!

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  1. I have a Besson sovereign Euph and I want to buy a kelly mouthpiece for in the winter. How can I find out which to buy !! do i get 51d or 5g or do i get the trombone/euph mouthpieces instead which are very slightly different?
  2. Despot

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    It's the large shank trombone model you need to buy. Stay away from the Euphonium 5G and 51D "Euro" shanks. They are a bit too small for a modern Euph and won't fit. Make sure it's the large version you get.

    The 5G is supposedly modelled after the Bach 5G and the 51D which is modeled after the Schilke 51D. If you play a 4AL normally, I'd imagine the 5G, the larger is better choice.
  3. 5G for sure.
  4. thanks- I also have a Besson 1000 Euph with a besson 7c mouthpiece - any idea if the large shank trom. models will fit it
  5. They will
  6. MoominDave

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    If you play a mouthpiece larger than a 4AL, you might find that the 1-1/2G is closer to your size.
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    I've had to sort out bother with this a few times. Kids in my band have ordered euph mouthpieces which have been too small, as described above. I even had a long running argument with a supplier on behalf of an 11 year old kid, eventually sending a picture illustrating the difference before the guy replaced it!

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