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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Rambo Chick, Apr 15, 2005.

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    I am getting really desperate! I have ordered a piece of music called Nightsongs by Richard Peaslee - it is a piece for trumpet/flugelhorn and piano(other versions exist but the one ineed is the recital version with piano accomp). However the order has been delayed and I am still waiting. I ordered it over a month ago. I was hoping any fellow tMPers might have it or know where i can get hold of it quickly- at least a soloist copy. I have my final third year performance exam in four weeks and so I need the music really soon. can ANYONE help please. I would be so grateful. :redface:

    Carolyn Ramsbottom

    United Coop Yorkshire Brass Band
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    I only have a very illegal photocopy of the soloist part but try John Doyle (jd on here) - that's where I got mine from!

    Good luck!

    Rach x
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    I dont have it sorry but i know how ur feeling, i also have my final recital in 4 weeks and i havent even chosen my pieces yet. any ideas? :dunno

    Think i might do Alexander Arutiunuan's trumpet concerto as one of them but then need

    somthing slow and lyrical that can show off my sound. :confused:
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    Something lyrical - you might want to try mull of the cool bens arr. adrian drover. its a simple folk melody but it shows of tone and slow melody playing.
    Someone Cares is another nice one but i dont know who wrote it
    Demelza sits lovely as a cornet solo

    dont know if this is the kind of thing you are looking for but hope it helps

    I wish i could think of more but i have a brain blank! I f it hink of any i'll let you know. there are lots of slow melodies. ask around, thats how i decided my prog.

  5. PeterBale

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    "Someone Cares" is written by Ray Steadman-Allen, based on a melody by John Larsson, and published by SP&S.
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