Help! Solo Horn needed for one off gig...

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Warderloo, Sep 13, 2010.

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    Zone One Brass in London are looking for a solo horn player for a concert for the charity 'Help for Heros' in Newmarket, Friday, September 24th. Our stalwart, charter member isn't free! We are rehearsing in Central London, 20th & 22nd Sept, 7.30-9.30. It is a joint concert with Soham Comrades Band, so apart from a little bit of massed stuff, we are due to play only half an hour on our own. This includes accompanying Michael Dodds, from Grimethorpe who is guest soloist. There's nothing scary on the programme....Harry Potter, Bolero and a couple of new things, but all the music can be emailed to you this week. We are a good standard Championship section band and are hoping there might be someone around who might fancy helping us out!

    Thanks very much,


    Ps. I should mention to save any awkwardness, we are non-paying band....cheers!
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