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    A mate of mine has asked me to see if anyone on the forum can provide any history/background on the march Roll away Bet by J. Ord Hume.

    If anyone can assist it would be appreciated. I will pass on any info.

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    Hi Dianne we played this at a concert last Saturday night and the story told the audience was something on the following lines.

    In 19whenever Lindlely Band were one of the best bands in the country winning lots of prizes and championships and they used to boast that they could play anything. The composer of Roll Away Bet took on the challenge of trying to write a piece that they couldnt play and so took on the "bet"

    Might be a loud of poo but it sounds feasable - oh and we played it quite well.
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    Francis has it about right (it was me who told the story, learned during my time with Lindley).
    Although many players will have come across the march in the "20 Famous Marches" book, the original print is from about 1901/2 and is dedicated to the Lindley Band, Huddersfield, who had won the 1900 British Open and would finish 2nd the following year.
    Ord Hume apparently wrote the march for them as a challenge or "bet", although the truth surrounding the band's boast that they "could play anything put in front of them" is perhaps shrouded in the mists of time!
    However, it's still a cracking little contest march (we got a 2nd at Silkstone on it this year and have used it on Whit Friday), although these days I think Lindley themselves favour Knight Templar!
    Keen-eared players and listeners will no doubt have picked up the reference to Elgar/Pomp & Circumstance No.1 in the middle section. However, given that the two pieces were written and published at about the same time, who was quoting who??
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    Our MD had done some more research on it. He seemed to come up with the fact that the march was so hard, that any band that could play it well would "walk" the contest, which in 1900 vernacular was a "roll away bet" to win.