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  1. DublinBass

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    3/4 of COBB are stranded in Philadelphia...However, there are 7 people that should be landing in Manchester at 8:45am on Friday.

    Are there any bands passing through that have extra space on their coach (or in their cars) that can help those folks?

    The rest of the band are looking into options through MAN, BHX and London..

    If you can help, Scott is the man to e-mail (he is in the group of 7)

  2. MoominDave

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    Hope you get it worked out, Pat! What a nightmare! Pondering whether I'd be able to offer a lift by way of either Birmingham or Heathrow, which are approximately equal diversions, albeit in opposite directions... Would rather not have to, but will if needed. I'll keep an eye on this thread until we leave (from Oxford between 5 and 6 tonight), and fingers crossed that people nearer to these airports come forward. The obvious airport to aim for is East Midlands at Nottingham if there are any flights, as that's handy for East Midlands bands, of which there are plenty (Desford, Thoresby, Thoresby Youth, Carlton, Enderby, Harborough, Blidworth, Ibstock, Leicester Co-op, Amington, Hucknall and Linby).

    Bands that are worth a try re lifts that are attending Butlins:

    Birmingham airport:
    Langley (obvious route past Birmingham airport)
    Flowers (past Birmingham)
    Bedworth (not far from Birmingham)
    Jackfield (past Birmingham)
    Phoenix West Midlands (must be near Birmingham)
    Tewkesbury (past Birmingham)

    Woodfalls (obvious route past Heathrow)
    Denham Hendon (near Heathrow and past Luton)

    Brighton and Hove (past Gatwick - could also go past Heathrow and Luton without too much disruption, I would have thought)

    East London Brass (obvious route past Stansted)
    Redbridge (past Stansted)
    Becontree (past Stansted)
    Northfleet (past Stansted)

    Hemel Hempstead (past Luton)
    Denham Hendon (near Heathrow and past Luton)

    Manchester airport is not so automatically convenient for journeys to Skegness, but the bands that will make the closest approach to it are Blackburn & Darwen, Longridge, Delph, Haslingdon and Helmshore, Mossley, Uppermill, Eccles, Pemberton B, Rivington None of them will naturally go very close to it though. Eccles is probably the closest.

    London bands (Redbridge, ZOB, ELB, Becontree, Denham Hendon, Fulham) may have members close to Heathrow or Gatwick.

    Good luck! I have to go for a meeting now, but if you want numbers digging up from the internet for any of these bands, just let me know, and I will get to it when I return in about an hour...
  3. I have emailed him to see if they are requiring me to ask about for car spaces amongst our lot at Eccles.
  4. WoodenFlugel

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    I love to offer to help, but already have a car full of End-dubs people, and we're due to leave in about an hour. However, I have PM'd Pat my mobile number so if anyone ends up in the Midlands I might be able to put the in contact with lifts. Trouble is, EMA has a very restricted number of flights coming in from the 'States so I think Birmingham is a better option - probably via Amsterdam.

    Hope you get it all sorted!
  5. Owen S

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    I think Dave, has covered all the bands I can think of who might pass Heathrow. In previous years, most of the bands near Heathrow have played at Butlins, but unfortunately there are none this time.

    The only extra help I can give is that there is a train station at Skegness, though the last part of the journey is very slow. London Kings Cross to Skegness takes just under 3 hours, changing at Grantham. Tickets are £60 just for that part of the journey, and more for Friday peak time, and you'd need to add in travel from Heathrow and a taxi from Skegness to Butlins.
  6. DublinBass

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    Thanks everybody for all your help. It looks like the 7 already arrived are hiring a couple of cars and the rest of us will arrive at MAN 8:45am on Saturday. Our coach company has been helpful and will be there for the Saturday lot.
  7. MoominDave

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    Hope you get there in time to play... It's 3 hours drive from Manchester airport. Are they letting you request a late draw?
  8. DublinBass

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    I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but I've been told we're going to still try to do the competition.