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  1. I would really like details of brass bands in Belfast, preferably with help with transport, as I honestly fancy getting back into the banding scene. All help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in anticipation..

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    Go HERE and scroll to the foot of the page for the list of bands in Ireland. I'm sure if you go to some of the band's websites they will have a 'contact us' link.

    Good luck with your search.
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    Glad to see you're getting back into scene Stevo Lad!

    You can take the bass player out of the band, but not the band out of the bass player.

    Shame really. With blackpool coming up you could've considered a return to the co-op... but i'll admit it's a bit of a commute every monday and thursday!

    Good luck with whoever you wind up playing for kid. BPS!
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    Best of luck with your search. I've moved this thread into the Recuitment Corner where it'll get a little more noticed.
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    Co. AntrimFriendship Band
    Ballymena Silver Band - Ballymena
    Belfast Temple Band - Belfast
    Laganvale Band - Belfast
    1st Old Boys Association Silver Band - Belfast
    55th Old Boys Brass Band - Belfast
    Downshire Brass - Belfast
    Templemore Band - Belfast
    Ulster Orchestra Youth Brass Band - Belfast
    C.W.A. Brass - Carrickfergus
    Third Carrickfergus Band - Carrickfergus
    Magheramorne Silver Band - Magheramorne
    Ashgrove Brass Band - Newton Abbey

    Hi Andy

    U prob already know this but to give u idea of the standad of the bands that are in belfast! 1st Old Boys Laganvale and CWA are all top section bands whos last test piece in the nationals was Le Carnival Romain! Then Downshire Templemore and Third Carrickfergus Band are all second grade brass and the last test piece they played was Goff Richards Oceans. I dont know the rest of the bands but they are all the contesting bands around that area and just to give u a rough idea of the standard. Third Carrickfergus are Second Section Champions and 1st Old Boys are the top section champions! If u fancied a trip to Drogheda u can come down to our band we play in the second Grade section and we are the current Irish Brass Band Champions as of Sunday!

    Hope this Helps you out!
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    Hi Andy Glad to see you are going to get back into playing - I knew that impromptu spell on 3rd percussion in Honley Church would give you the bug again!

    Seriously - Andy is a very solid player and a great bandsman too (always very handy for lifting timpani). Any bands looking for a decent BBb bass player should get in touch!

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  7. I'm overcome with emotion!

    By the way, BBb or percussion, I'm ace at both!
  8. Thank you all for all the help, it's really appreciated. Now all I need is contact numbers, which I am about to look up.

    Once again, thank you all

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    ...a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't I paint you? :confused:

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    Thank you, Mr Savalas ;)
  12. Just to say that with all your help on here, I have just finished my first rehearsal with Laganvale, and as of Monday, I will be part of the Bass Section - 2 years not playing, blimey, I am rather tired now!
    Couldn't have done it without you guys - lots of hugs and thanks to everyone who helped.

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    Wahay, that's great news Andy. Good luck in your new position. :):clap:
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    Haha sorry bout the if post but congrats andy on ur new position! Will we get to see ur debut at the europeans in two weeks time in the b section????
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    Good luck big fella.

    as we used to say back in the day at co-op...

    "Gi' it some pastie lad!!"
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    Good luck Andy. Laganvale are a good bunch. I am going to Birmingham with them next week. It seems to me that players like you should not be wandering around bandless. Will see you soon!
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    good luck Andy - have they got St Magnus in the cupboard?

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    ... or Bread!!