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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by vonny, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. vonny

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    I would really appreciate some help please. I am attempting to download some pics from my digital camera onto computer. I have connected the cable, and then the camera displays 3 options which are: disk drive
    pc cam
    Please could anyone tell me what i would select from them
  2. TheMusicMan

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    Usually, once your camera is connected to your PC via USB or FireWire, you should be able to see another drive on your PC's My Computer area. It may show up as Camers, or D: or E: or similar. All you do is then double click on that and it will open up the storage area on your camera for you to copy/move whatever files you desire.
  3. ronnie_the_lizard

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    It depends on the camera, but I would guess that "PC Cam" is to allow the camera to be used as a webcam, and PictBridge is a compatibility feature allowing you to print pictures out directly from the memory card.

    For simply copying / transferring picture files from the camera to the PC use "Disc Drive" and as tMM suggests, there should simply be another drive ( "D:" or similar, depending on how many other drives you have) appear in "My Computer".
  4. KMJ Recordings

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    Just for clarification, when you're using devices like this in Windows Explorer under XP the device will show up as "Removable Disk" with a drive letter (and you'll be able to see it under "My Computer" that was as well ;)
  5. Mister 4x4

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    Was there a book that came with the digital camera? If so, I'd suggest: RTFM - all major makes of cameras have different rules on how it works.
  6. Hornblower RN

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    Big question...Have you loaded the software that came with the camera? Makes life a lot easier....
  7. TheMusicMan

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    With XP Alan you don't usually need to do this. Once connected via USB or Firewire, the PC should see the camera as an additional external drive and automatically map a drive connection to it.

    Yvonne should see a new D: or E: drive.
  8. WoodenFlugel

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    I agree with John here. We've just had a new digi camera - the camera is fantastic (Olympus Mju) but the software is a nightmare! I just use the firewire connection and windows explorer to copy all files over to my C drive and delete them from the camera's memory stick. Any further file management I need to do is done on my PC using explorer. It's much easier than messing about with the bundled software.
  9. TheMusicMan

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    You gotta just love Digital Cameras eh... the new ones are simply amazing. I was at the golf range with Lloyd the other day and he wanted me to take a few snaps of his swing, so took my Mikon with me. Whilst he was practicing , I was playing with the settings to see which one would be best to take a fast action golf swing... and I found a fast action multi-shoot mode - WOW!!!

    it takes 20 pics within a few seconds and the results are amazing. I managed to catch him right at the top of his swing and all the way through - great for his analysis.
  10. Di

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    Doesn't the camera have a "video" mode? Most do these days. Vic's canon can capture up to 3 minutes. I must say I haven't tried our new one out on that yet to see how long it goes for.
  11. TheMusicMan

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    Yes - but not a high enough resolution... the pics I took are hires.
  12. brassneck

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    Check your control panel to link up the camera using the Windows software (i.e., Scanners and Cameras) if using XP. It should have an option to 'add image device'.