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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Band_Beefcake, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. Band_Beefcake

    Band_Beefcake Member

    I've got some ten piece jobs coming up and am compiling some pads together. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any full band works that can work for a 10 piece group, I've done some ten piece jobs before and used stuff like sweet gingerbread man, mr jums, and someone to watch over me any other suggestions would be a huge help.
    Thanks all
  2. Dave1

    Dave1 Member

    A lot of derek Ashmores arrangements through Hallamshire music work for ten piece. All very light and not to difficult. Try looking for some of his stuff.
    All the best
  3. euphiwoo

    euphiwoo Member

    just a couple of suggestions:

    chanson d'amour
    the summer knows
    pizzicato polka
    londonderry air
    la bamba
    hey mr music man

    alot of these are full band works and do work as a ten piece. we have quite a lot of ten piece stuff, give us a shout if you think we can help!
  4. trumpetmike

    trumpetmike Well-Known Member

    Are you looking for pieces that can just be played straight from the band parts, or are you looking for pieces that will work with a bit of arranging?
    Have you explored the huge amount of standard 10-piece repertoire that exists?
  5. Roger Thorne

    Roger Thorne Active Member

    Slaidburn works very well with a 'standard' 10 piece formation.

  6. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    In fact, most marches shouldn't be too much of a problem - melody, counter-melody and bass, plus a few off-beats: when in France with Coventry Festival Band we played "Standard of St George" for French tv with a quartet, while the rest of the band were playing at the university.
  7. alanl58

    alanl58 Member

    Our MD insists on playing "Lazybones" from a 10 piece called "By Arrangement". It also has things like "Summer Holiday", "Blue Moon", and "Sentimental Journey", but is so naff that I cringe when we play it....

    St Gennys Silver Band
  8. Band_Beefcake

    Band_Beefcake Member

    Ideally I'm lloking for band works that will work with a standard 10 piece group as I havent got much time to do decomposing or rearranging :p
  9. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    When do you need them for James?

    Im arranging tenpiece music for a wedding, I have no finished pieces yet, but im in the middle of;

    Jim'll Fix it
    Angels - Robbie Williams

    Ive nearly finished Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton

    And im re-scoring an awesome big band arrangement I did of James Browns "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag"
    If I get them finished in time, you can have any of them...

    and i'll start doing Fraggle Rock in a few weeks...

    TIMBONE Active Member

    I hope you don't mind me referring you to my own arrangements. Derick Ward told me that he had done some 10 piece gigs with City of Lincoln Band, and "Presley in Mind" worked fine. As Robert Childs said in his review, " very accessible, doubled throughout". When I do an arrangement of this type, I make sure that all vital parts are covered, so, if not doubled, they are cued onto other instruments like solo cornet, solo horn or euphonium. "Mr Crump", some ragtime by W C Handy (St Louis Blues) would also work on a 10 piece. Further details on my website,
  11. supersop_1

    supersop_1 Account Suspended

    Im doing a ten piece job for a local band on sat so i will post what we play after the gig

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