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    Hey I'm doing my GCSEs and need help on my music coursework.

    One of the questions asks me "to research a number of sources; explain a wide range of repertoire available for your instrument, referring to specific examples." My instrument is the Euphonium. I have already made a start to research this but would like to know other peoples views or can point me into the right direction. Any help is much appreciated. :D
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    If you are in a band, which I suppose you must be, a look in the band library for Euphonium solos would be a start, next of course would be a look at music suppliers, again looking for solo pieces in their lists.
  3. janj

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    Thanks for the advice and if you have any more tips please write back
  4. PeterBale

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    You could also look at Steven Mead's website, which includes a very comprehensive list of repertoire:

    Regarding the range of repertoire, you could also look at various categories, such as solo with brass band; solo with wind band; solo with orchestra; solo with piano; the euphonium in the orchestra; chamber music featuring euphonium etc
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    Thankyou for the advice and if you have any more tips obout this please write back.
    Are you aware of and recordings of workshops i can gat hold of? If you have heard of any please tell me.

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