Help needed - how do you march with a tuba?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by caramelbunny, May 19, 2006.

  1. caramelbunny

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    Hey Everyone!

    I'm about to play in Whit Friday Marches & am looking for ingenious ideas for keeping my body in one piece whist I do this!!

    Basically, I'm a female EEb bass player who's approx 5'4"....this means that when strapped to me my bass comes half way down my left thigh. Consequently everytime I go to move that leg forward to walk it tilts the bass and smacks me in the face with my mouthpiece :( (Stop laughing you cruel people! ;))

    My other major prob is my 'girly bits' that kind of get in the way of holding the thing close to me...I wear a 32DD bra to give you an idea of the scale of the problem. When I put the marching strap thing on the bass sits exactly in the wrong place on my body and really hurts after a few mins :(

    I'm sure I can't be the only one out there with these problems and was hoping someone had come up with some ingenious ideas about padding, or different straps for girls?

    Any ideas gratefully recieved :)

    Caramelbunny x x x
  2. julestools

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    Never had any problem marching with my BBb tuba until recently. Being 6 feet and 14 stone was the reason I was put on bass in the first place twenty odd years ago. Never found a problem with "girlie bits" either but a smashed leg does slow me down a little now ;)


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    That harness looks great..and the fact that the site states for men & women is looking positive!! Now all I need to do is save for a few years being a poor student or convince the band treasury types that they wana invest for all 4 of us ;)

    I guess being 6ft would prob help me too Jules :) I was put on bass because 1) I was too stubborn to back down when they offered me a euphonium - even had to sit on a briefcase when I first went to band, back in the day when there was still hope I might grow lol ...and 2) coz the conductor of the youth band thought I had the 'aww' factor for youth band contests with open adjudication, which looking back I'm not so sure was a compliment :rolleyes:

    Maybe we should have a thread as to why people play what they do......

    Any cheaper or quicker to get hold of suggestions?
    I've seen some militray marching players with kind of fur aprons on, which I think are to protect buttons and uniforms as much as the player ....wondering if I could run up a nice cushioney little number for myself...Tiger or Leopard, decisions, decisions ;)
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    Don't forget the Paper Bag that you wear over your head, so people won't recognise you playing a TUBA!! :)
  7. caramelbunny

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    Have I missed something? :confused:
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    Stan used to use one of those padded things that goes on car seat belts to stop the digging in your neck. Our local pound shop sells them in packs of 2
  11. Rapier

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    No. I just thought it was something all Tuba players did to hide their shame. :D
  12. bigmamabadger

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    Caramel Bunny, I sympathise. Frankly "girlie bits" get in the way with all the instruments that have to be cuddled, (not going to post my measurements up here for all to see...) and I get tired of marching with a horn all day.
    I'd go with leopard print for the cushion myself.
  13. Rapier

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    So do I. :cool: :D
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    Here here!! Word of warning Miss Bunny, posting your chest size on here may lead to some tmpers having a permanent smile on their face for a few hours :tongue:
  15. bigmamabadger

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    Depends where it has been inserted.:tongue: :tongue:
  16. tubafran

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    Agreed these are excellent to take some weight off the shoulder strap. I also find the playing position of the tuba on a march to be a pain so I have a piece of hard foam cut into a triangular shape to push the tuba body away from my body.
  17. glidng_slide

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    Girly bits

    As a percussionist once told me ''I use clingfilm to keep my girly bits in check when I have to play cymbals on a march''.

    Just a thought
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    aww, any poor girlies on bass get my full sympathy on the whits! tehe you would never catch me doing it - dont think i could lift the thing for more than 5mins!! But then again, my little sister got roped into playing the Bb bass (played baritone previously) a few months back, and she'll be doing the whits in June - so i'm sure she'll be seen struggling down the marches at various places :rolleyes:
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    Marching with a Tuba

    I believe that it is possible to buy a strap similar to that worn by a bass drummer that allows easier marching. That way the weight is more evenly distributed across the shoulders. When marching the secret lies in 'swaying' in time with the music when you move so that all the jiggly bits are moving in unison.It's not easy at first, but, as with most things, it is the practice that makes it perfect.
  20. bigmamabadger

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    So what you're saying is not only do I have to concentrate on putting one foot in front of another, breathing, looking out for the horse poo, and not marching into the back of the baritones, I've also got to resonate my lady lumps?! Are you kidding?! Do you have any idea of the damage that could be acheived if I get it wrong? :eek: