Help needed ASAP! Town Band ordered off land it has occupied for last 46 years!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Simon_Horn, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Simon_Horn

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    Hi guys, a band I am connected with has an urgent problem that I’m sure other bands must have been faced with before now. The band has recently been asked to vacate the land on which the band room sits by end December 2006!!

    The history is that the town band has been rehearsing in the same place for the last 46 years. In the 1960's an agreement was drawn up between the band and the people that owned the land (band room occupies a small amount of land at the back of a club car-park). There are records showing that some payments were made, but when the lease expired (perhaps 5 or so years after) it was never renewed formally and the band have continued to use the land that their band room currently sits on. This was with full knowledge of the owner and a good relationship between the owners and the band for the last 40 or so years has meant that an unofficial agreement has existed ever since.

    The problem is that now it is suspected that the owners would like to either value or sell the land, the whole issue of tenancy has arisen again. Whilst the band welcomes entering into a formal agreement again (and paying rent for the land on which the band-room sits), the terms of the contract that has been proposed means that the termination clause was unacceptably short to be realistic. When such was queried by the band through a solicitor, the owner has decided not to offer the contract at all and now ordered removal of the band-room off the land by December 2006.

    Such a timescale is obviously unrealistic - but have any other bands been in such a position whereby they have had an informal agreement to occupy land – and what was the legal advice that was given regarding the bands rights to remain given they have occupied the same site (with knowledge and blessing of owners) for the last 46 years?? Any bands that have been in the same position or legal bods please advice.

    Thanks, Simon
  2. Maybe your solicitor was rude to them? Has the band spoken to the owners directly about their reasons for withdrawing the offer?

    When was the band room built, and who built it?
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    Don't they get "sqatters rights"? - "Twelve years adverse possession and you acquire possessory title" - although I think this has to be used without consent.
  4. Chunky

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    Hi Simon

    Dereham Band here in Norfolk have a bandroom on council owned land. Although they have never been asked to move, they may be worth a call to see what, if any, agreement they have with regard to eviction.

    Contact details can be found at

    Really hope it works out for the best for you.
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    - more on this here.
  6. Nanny Ogg

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    Good luck. Our band faces a similar problem, our Landlords have sold up to a chain brewery and we face an uncertain future.


    Might be worth speaking to Wantage Silver band too, there are a few from there who post on here. A few years ago they were chucked out of their bandroom as the school who's site they were on wanted the land for extra classrooms but I don't know all the circumstances of it.

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