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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Rambo Chick, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. Rambo Chick

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    Please can someone help

    My mum plays cornet and the problem is she can't progress because of her embouchure technique. her lips are too tight and she buzzes with her tongue. her airflow is blocked consequently and playing any notes is a struggle!!
    Iv tried to explain to her but have been unsuccessful.

    i need to know if there is something or someone who can help explain to her, to get her to loosen up and blow!!!.

    it is frustrating as all my family play and we are fine and she cant do it as easily


  2. Bassbones

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    Hey Carolyn,have you tried a bigger mouthpiece or instrument.I tried the cornet once & would probably been more successful blowing in the big end.If I had persevered with it I wouldn't have the opportunity to blow down you ear twice a week tho lol. :D
  3. skweeky

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    put your little finger between your teeth and lips take out your finger and dont move your mouth then place the mouthpiece on your lips withouth changing the distance (even if it feels wierd. put the tip of your tongue between your front teeth. Blow and move your tong back quickly to articulate the note.

    Also, when you breathe in, your chest should expand and your stomach sucked in and tensed. Hold the tension in the stomach for the whole duration whilst playing a note. This takes strain off your lips and means you dont have to tighten them.

    Tightening your lips can be dangerous if done severely as the air is restricted and can make you dizzy and even pass out.
  4. tim

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    Sorry to contradict but this is a common misconception you should breathe down into your lower lungs first which should expand your stomach area and not your chest. This is becuase if you start high you've got a long way to force the air down when you need to take more in. But when you start at the bottom creating a "resevoir of air" it's easy to top up the air.

    The breathe taken should also not be audible... It should be low sounding because any sound made is resistance in the throat area making it harder to take the air in and also creating tenstion in the shoulder areas.

    As far as the embouchure is concerned she needs to see a teacher who knows something about this sort of thing and get it sorted by them.
  5. tim

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    However I do agree with skeewky that the diaphragmatic muscles should tense and push in supporting the air column. Imagine that you are aiming the air column at the bulls eye on a darts board and that if there is any inconsistency in the air the dart will miss. Visualise the air column going straight from the aperture onto the bulls and re create it using the diaphragm.
  6. CRat63

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    Hey there Carolyn, (and Barbara!)

    I know exactly how your Mum feels. I spent the first 7 years of my playing life playing through my teeth and making a buzz as if I was spitting a tea leaf off my tongue (as I know your Mum plays). Forget technique and all the other stuff - that will all come later on. Since the day I had my first ever lesson at University, I never did it again. You need the willpower to stop doing it - get the tongue sat at the bottom of your mouth and try to make a buzz using your lips. Practice with a mouthpiece, walk around looking like an idiot buzzing all day - it doesn't matter. You will sound horrendous for ages - it took me a good 4 months to get anywhere near back to where I was before, but now the benefits are tremendous. You'll probably find you need to sort out your breathing at the same time, just think of breathing deeply and to the bottom of your lungs and - your new buzz will require a lot more air than the one you make with your tongue - this creates the added support. I even found playing a tuning note in front of everyone difficult at the time! - just have the confidence to work at it. Sorry, its that simple,

    Craig (aint I told you all this before Barbara?!!! - go for it!)

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