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    Anyone offer any help or advice here?

    We have been approached by some of the parents from the Youth Band about doing Grades with the kids (yes I am well aware of the debate on their usefulness and am avoiding that topic, they want us to do them so we are looking into it).

    The local school, which some of our Youth Band members attend, has pulled the plug on non-curriculum Music lessons and they are now left without their channel for doing grades.

    Basically I know nothing about grades (never done 'em) and need to find out what is involved, costs, who to contact to organise exams and where to get the material from? is it a local government/schools body organised thing or is there a national body we need to approach etc.

    If anyone in the Leeds/Morley/Bradford area has any contact details for this it would be even better!

    Thanks In Advance
  2. Your Band can set themselves up with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music as the submitter of individuals for their exams. Details can be found on their website:

    The syllabuses for the different grades and instruments are shown on this website. You should also be able to pick up a hard copy at any good music shop, plus several other free booklets describing various aspects of the exam process. The cost of entering the exams varies and is also on the above website.

    Our Training Band has successfully entered a number of children over the past four years or so. The entry cost is usually charged on to the parents of the children concerned.

    You will need to have individuals with the time and skills to tutor the children wishing to take the exams, both in the playing of the chosen pieces and in the aural aspects of the exams.

    The other popular music grade examining board is Trinity College. I have not got much experience with them but their website can be found at:

    Hope this helps, and good luck.

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    Excllent stuff! Thank you Hadrian!

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