Help me, my valve linkage is broke...

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by arniesarnies, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. arniesarnies

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    Hi, does anyone know where i can order a rotary valve linkage for a Bach 50b30 Bass trombone? It's the linkage on the second valve, G or Db valve. At the minute ive just taped it up and it's working but it doesn't look the best. Ive had a look around the net but i cant find anything. If you do know of a web-site could you please message me.
    Thank's in advance guy's...
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    Don't know about places on the IoM, but any reputable brass shop ought to be able to order and post on the item for you - the nearest to you that springs to mind is the Music Cellar in Preston (not been there due to my location, but others speak well of it).
  4. jonesbp

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  5. arniesarnies

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    Thank's guy's. You professional's have come through again.
    Many thank's.
  6. arniesarnies

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    Part ordered from windcraft. Thank's again.....
  7. jonesbp

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    No Problem. Glad to have been of some help

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