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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by flugtastic, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. flugtastic

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    Can any body tell me if i can still play with laryngitis??? And if not how long is it until i can play???
    im extremly worried because its now 2 weeks until pontins and i have been very unwell for 2 weeks then last nite my voice decided to go. From what people have said they think its laryngitis. im going to see for sure at the doctors tomorro but can any body give me a rough idea how long the symptoms last etc...
  2. Bogtrotter

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    Nah, you'll be all right.

    If it's non viral laryngitis it won't respond to any medication and will just have to stick it out.
  3. Drink loads of hot drinks, squash, honey and lemon - anything. Don't talk, write notes ar make up sign language, keep warm and sleep. If you get medicine, finish the course as this thing has a habit of returning if you don't finish the medicine. (In my experience anyway.)

    I had that a few weeks ago. Poor you playing brass rather than perc though. I still missed a job as I was asleep most of the day of the job and felt extrememly lousy.
  4. midnight_euph

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    OUCH.. Been there.. done that.

    Play as little as poss on the instrument: but ghost the piece (finger and tongue it as you sing it in your head as you're knocking around the house.)

    To ease the pain, use chloraseptic (sp) from the chemist.

    Gargle with sage tea to kill the bugs (1 teaspoon sage to a half-pint of hot water, strain; gargle every few hours)

    Cut down on sugar.. use honey instead (it's anti bacterial and soothing.)

    WASH YOUR INSTRUMENT and mouthpiece between playing (yes, it's a bind, but you don't want to keep re-infecting yourself.)

    Get at LEAST 7 hours sleep... it helps the body fight infection.
    Good luck - see you at Pontins


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