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    Basically im looking for any help possible to track down more information regarding The Northumbria Police Band. My father, Raymond Cole, played in the band until january 1994 when he retired from Principal Cornet. I have discovered the band is now named Gateshead Brass + have visited the bands site but i didnt find any historical band photo's. Im on a stroll down memory lane basically and if any1 has any information of where I can log on + find information pre 1994 including band photo's i would be hugely greatful! Thankyou + Happy New Year
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    I'm sure others will come forward with more information but "as a result of the re-organisation local government and the police force boundaries in 1974, the majority of (Durham Constabulary) Band personnel became members of the new Northumbria Police force and had, therefore, to leave the band." [here]

    Also looks like the new players had some sort of immediate impact as the band won the National Championship 2nd Section Finals under the baton of S. Macdonald with Caliban (Arthur Butterworth) [here]

    Cannot find information when they attained Championship status as the North Of England Area results online only start from 2000, and the band in 2001 became Gateshead Brass [here]

    The only other significant bit of information is what you found on the Gateshead site [here] but no photos!