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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Bob Thompson, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Bob Thompson

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    Ok tmpers,
    Is there anyone who lives near Heathrow, who may also be travelling to Skegness for the contest on the 18th January?
    Why I hear you ask, well......
    Doug Yeo, Bass trom with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, is flying from the USA specifically to take part in a series of events on behalf of Brass Band Aid, at Skegness.
    He arrives in at approx 7.30 am at Heathrow, and should be through customs by midnight!, I mean 8.30 am ish.
    Anyone out there in a position to assist, nb, he needs to get to Skegness on the Thursday rather than the Friday when most people are travelling to the event.
    If you can assist, please get in touch with me asap
    07786 027209 or via e mail.
  2. Jasonp

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  3. Owen S

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    Thanks Jason.

    As it happens, I have the day off on the Friday, so last night I was asking around about when people in the band were intending to travel up. Unfortunately, everyone I spoke to is leaving for Skegness straight after work on Friday. There's a couple of people I haven't spoken to who might possibly be able to help, but I think that'll be unlikely. If I can, I'll ask them on Sunday.

    Bob, if that doesn't work, Yiewsley and West Drayton are, if anything, even closer to Heathrow than we are, though I have to admit I'd be surprised if anyone there is intending to travel up on Thursday either.

    One option you might need to think about is asking him to take the train. I went from London Kings Cross to Skegness last year. That takes just under 3 hours, changing at Grantham, but most of that is the slow journey from Grantham. Maybe someone could pick him up in a car there, Newark or Doncaster?

    Good luck.
  4. Owen S

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    Bob, I'm afraid it turns out we'll be having our final rehearsal in Egham on Thursday night, so there's no way anyone from Egham will be travelling up on Thursday morning. Sorry we can't be more helpful.

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