Help finding piece called BLAZE 1

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    This is not Blaze by Lawrence from the Blaze album. This is a piece I remember from many years ago. It was probably a radio broadcast I recorded on cassette but have subsequently lost. I think it was called "Blaze 1" and was based on a painting. I think the name of the composer was something like Watkins (although Ball keeps floating around although it wasn't of course Eric). It might have been Blake-Watkins or some double barrelled name although that may also be wrong. It was quite modern and certainly at the time too modern for a test piece but it wasn't avant garde. It might have been part of those London Collegiate Brass broadcasts that Edward Gregson did but I may have that wrong.

    OK super sleuths that's all the clues you get.

    Any ideas?
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    Are you thinking of Aubade by Howard Blake-Watkins, by any chance? Grimey recorded it in 1984 (radio broadcast) with Mr Howarth at the helm.
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    Do you know I think I might and the piece was based on a painting called Blaze 1 and its Michael Blake Watkins. (perhaps my twisted mind was connecting Michael Ball!!). Do you per chance still have a copy of said broadcast?
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    Can you remember what else was on it? I only selected a couple for reference ... a modified (??) version of Grimethorpe Aria was also played.
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    What I remember was also Variations for Brass Band by Thea Musgrave. I also wonder if it is MICHAEL Blake-Watkins, not Howard?
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    Aubade is by Michael Blake Watkins and is available for hire here.

    The programme note doesn't make reference to the inspiration being the painting Blaze 1 so I'm still not completely certain it's the piece I'm thinking of.

    I'm afraid i can't remember what was broadcast with it.

    I remember Thea Musgrave's Variations - a most excellent piece and possibly one of a very few if the only serial 12-tone piece for BB. I have a score. But I can't remember when that was broadcast. I don't remember hearing a modified performance of Grimethorpe Aria.